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Make and sell products online - hustlworks

Make and Sell Products Online

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Make money from home by selling any e-commerce product in Canada.

New here? Make yourself at home 🏠Grab a drink, put your feet up, and learn how to build a brilliant physical e-commerce product business in Canada.

Learn how to make money from home by making your very own product or art and selling them on Shopify

A step-by-step guide for aspiring entrepreneurs to build their e-commerce business in Canada and create a brand with our simple time-saving and easy guide.

You're looking at this guide because... you want to start a e-commerce business in Canada (and that business is online). One thing that COVID-19 taught everyone is to ensure you have a digital presence to be able to survive in business — unless you're a super big conglomerate *yes we used a big word LOL— and even then, almost all of those businesses had to revamp their business model to include e-commerce business in Canada !

  • 100% online start instantly and learn at your own schedule
  • Approx. 30-days to complete
  • Beginner Level so anyone can start their own thing
  • Flexible so you can work at your own pace following your schedule

So why not you?

Take our "Build an Online e-commerce Business in Canada"  guide anywhere and anytime! To build your eCommerce business, to make money anywhere and anytime zone in the world.

*If you're an existing entrepreneur but just need a little bit of help in some areas (like branding, getting a professional business eMail, etc) then this guide may not be for you but we do have others for you to check out 🙂


Will your eCommerce business idea work?

All business ideas need to be validated and we have gone through the entrepreneurial journey ourselves MANY TIMES. We're going to help you cut through the confusion—to not only learn how to properly plan and launch your e-commerce business in Canada but how to turn your passion into a paid hustle. Everything needed to set up a startup e-commerce business to sell online for Canadians.

At the end of this guide, you’ll have an e-commerce business in Canada built on a low budget in under
4 weeks. Yea you read that right, in 4 WEEKS this guide will guide you to have a/an:

  • Registered business (bonus: save $50.00 CAD)
  • Brand identity (bonus: mini brand kit)
  • Business plan (bonus: worksheet)
  • Professional business email (bonus: mini set-up guide)
  • Business Instagram account
  • eCommerce website (bonus: website checklist)
  • Marketing strategy (bonus: worksheet)
  • Social media strategy (bonus: worksheet)
  • Products to sell and how to ship them
  • eCommerce operating guideline
  • Entrepreneur best practices

BONUS: Bonuses keep you on track, including 6 FREE printable worksheets to get sh*t done! 

Who this guide is for:

  • Stay at Home Moms looking to Work From Home
  • Anyone looking to create passive income streams online
  • Anyone who would like to create their own line of products
  • Anyone who would like to create or develop their own brand
  • Those who want to work from anywhere
  • Those looking to live the laptop lifestyle
  • Anyone interested in e-commerce
  • Anyone interested in Corporate Branding
  • Anyone interested in dropshipping or currently doing dropshipping
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Designers
  • YouTubers
  • TikTok'ers
  • Online Influencers (Instagrammers)
  • Online Business Owners


There is a disclaimer though. This guide is only for those that are READY and committed to starting their own business. That means being ready to HUSTLE and put that hard work in. Because you can’t get paid without putting in the work. Your time and dedication are crucial to making sure that this works. We don’t want you to fail and we know that you don’t want to either. Don’t treat this like a hobby, treat this as a legit business right from the beginning! You have to envision where you want to be and work like you’re already at that stage. You want people to look at your business and think it’s a huge business with tons of employees, etc. You want people to think you are a professional and they will because you will LOOK professional! All on a DIY budget and journey that we’ll take you through.