Instagram Reels Video Templates (Bonus: Canva Guide) - hustlworks
Instagram Reels Video Templates - hustlworks
Instagram Reels Video Templates (Bonus: Canva Guide) - hustlworks

Instagram Reels Video Templates

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(Bonus: Canva Guide included)

15 templates proven to generate 12K plus views results. Compatible with the accessible version of Canva.

We've taken our years of e-commerce marketing experience, added 100+ hours of content creation and testing, and made these downloadable easy-to-use templates just for you!

Also comes with a bonus guide on exactly how to use these templates (in Canva) — full of our tried-and-true social media tips! 

Purchase now to get an instant digital file with customized templates using Canva (*no paid account needed), and fully downloadable so you can easily upload to Instagram.

BONUS GUIDE: This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to create a successful Instagram Reel for your e-commerce business, products, or branded lifestyle. We share HOW we do everything so you can do it too (

step-by-step) so that you can reach your social media goals even faster 🏃🏾‍♂️!

We always include video screen recordings so it's like you're looking over our shoulder; see EXACTLY how we do it so you can easily follow along, at your own pace.

Are you ready to become an Instagram Reels Content Creating Video Pro?

The power of Instagram Reels is unlike anything we've seen before — it's basically like having evergreen FREE ads 🤯. Social growth, sales, and conversions 🔥.

To give you even more motivation, you can use these same templates for creating your own Facebook and Instagram video ads (all for FREE without having to pay for any apps).

Our Instagram Reel templates are built-in Canva — either use your existing Canva account or get a FREE Canva account (Canva is a free online web-based application with no computer download required *also available as an iPhone/Android app). These templates are perfect for creating stunning animated videos for your brand and boosts engagement with your followers (we show you how to supercharge your Reels for business in the guide).

Key Benefits to creating Instagram Reels videos:

  • Easy to create short, high-quality video content
  • Wide range of filters, audio files (songs and original sounds), and AR (Augmented Reality) effects
  • Content pushed and shown on the Explore page for everyone to see
  • Increased engagement from your existing and potential new followers

We're reely excited

(😉 lol) for you to get a jumpstart with these templates as you get ready to unlock the world of Instagram Reels and watch your engagement skyrocket!

Save time. Expand your reach. Attract sales with Reels.

In a world where people can see hundreds of videos in seconds, your Instagram Reel video content has to invite your audience in and make it hard for them to disconnect (aka make it hard for them to leave your profile because your content is THAT good 👌🏽).

That's why we've developed and customized these easy-to-use templates so you can get started right away on creating your own Instagram Reels! We've included the best features from our own custom Canva templates to convert your audience into followers and customers with an experience that matches your brand. 

Just because everyone else is using Instagram for just selfies and food photos, doesn't mean that you have to, because that's not the point of it. Social media is not JUST a "media"; you can use it as a powerful marketing tool. I highly encourage you to start thinking about what your potential is and how much influence your

Instagram page could have on your business. This is for sure one thing COVID taught us when it comes to being an online entrepreneur WFA.

You want to be AHEAD of the curve; "the early bird gets the worm" (and trust us, you want to be one of the early birds when it comes to social media trends).

Still not convinced? Check out our Instagram accounts to see how we use them ourselves, because "the proof is in the pudding": @hustlworks @thehustlceo @thecurlyceo.

When you become a pro at reeling people in, you’ll notice (because they WILL notice too)

This is for you if...

  • You want to reach a larger Instagram audience
  • You want to increase engagement (especially shares *gem*)
  • You don't have the time for video editing (it's just not for you)
  • You don't want to edit videos yourself (it makes you anxious)

Our Instagram Reel templates give you what you need to create new inspiration for your feed, over and over again (your content, your way).


With each customized Instagram Reel template (5 variations included), you get:

  1. Instagram Reel Cover Template (this is what shows in your feed or Reel tab)
  2. Instagram Reel Video Template (this is the actual Reel video content itself)
  3. Instagram Reel End Screen Template (this is your video business card and call-to-action)


With this digital download, you get...

  • 15 different customized Instagram Reel templates (all fully editable in Canva)
  • Full-length 1080x1920 pixels format (no resizing needed which means you save time - yay!)
  • One .MP4 video download, including the cover photo (no need to spend extra time creating a cover because it's built-in)

Instagram Reel templates are a fun and easy way to give your feed that consistent visual look.

In this bundle, you'll get 5 main templates for posting videos, quotes, and pictures, and know HOW TO ACTUALLY USE THEM with sounds and hashtags created from a wide variety of sources — including celebrities and newsmakers in movies, music, tech, and art. These templates allow you to create beautiful and branded videos, with screen transitions and other cool effects.

It's so easy to use, simply drag your own pictures and videos in and the software will do the rest. If you aren't sure how to make an Instagram Reel, then these templates are perfect for you!