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Instagram for Business Guide

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Get inspired. Work smarter. Get paid.

Everything needed to set up an e-commerce business to sell online.

What they’ll get at the end of the  guide (outcome)

Once you have read the mini e-commerce guide for Instagram business hacks, you’ll have a good grasp on how to successfully set up FREE tools to enhance your business.

These are the business hacks you’ll learn:

  • Optimizing Instagram Traffic

  • Plan, Schedule & Auto Post

  • Beautiful, Free Photos

  • Design Consistent Stunning Graphics

It’s easier than ever before to get into entrepreneurship. You may have heard the idea that if you have a passion and a laptop, you can start a business. While this is true, you also require the willingness to learn new skills and the discipline to do the work to create your dream business. This mini-guide is designed to help simplify the process Hustl Works has with an easy step-by-step guide to optimizing your business (via Instagram).


There are absolutely no costs involved in grabbing this Instagram for Business Guide. Simply click on any of the links on this page and signup to download.


The only thing that you require before taking this (mini) guide is a Domain $20 (first purchase is for the first 2 years, renew after that period).

Guide  Roadmap (Worksheet/Checklist)

Optimizing Instagram Traffic

  • Capitalize your Instagram Bio

  • Give access to all of your main links

  • Create a clear Call To Action (CTA)

  • Design your landing page

Plan, Schedule & Auto Post

  • Plan out your Instagram content

  • Schedule and time your posts

  • Track your customer engagement

  • Use hashtags to gain more traffic

  • Target and attract niche markets

Design Consistent Stunning Graphics with Beautiful, Free Photos

  • Have a photoshoot look to your feed

  • Get a unified authentic look and feel for your brand

  • Create designer looking graphics

  • Take advantage of Instagram Story Highlights

Get the (mini) Hustl.Guide: e-commerce for Instagram Business Hacks guides now.


There is a disclaimer though. This guide is only for those that are READY and committed to starting their own business. That means being ready to HUSTLE and put that hard work in. Because you can’t get paid without putting in the work. Your time and dedication are crucial to making sure that this works. We don’t want you to fail and we know that you don’t want to either. Don’t treat this like a hobby, treat this as a legit business right from the beginning! You have to envision where you want to be and work like you’re already at that stage. You want people to look at your business and think it’s a huge business with tons of employees, etc. You want people to think you are a professional and they will because you will LOOK professional! All on a DIY budget and journey that we’ll take you through.