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Registering Your Business 101 Guide

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This course will help you understand what's needed to start a business in Canada. We will walk you through each step, from creating your business plan all the way to set up your business. We will discuss the basics of starting a business, with an emphasis on e-commerce Small Businesses. You will learn how to weigh out the pros and cons to make sure that you are making a smart decision that could potentially impact your life for years to come.

Note: This course is for Canadian business registrations in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario only.

You've got this, don't wait for someone else to build your idea. Hire yourself and start being your own boss!

What you’ll get at the end of the course (outcome)

Once you've taken the Business registration course, you’ll be able to function like a full-fledge business. You can choose to create either:

  1. A regular sole proprietorship business (this means you and the business are one and you'll file your business taxes with your personal taxes) —
  2. An advanced federal corporation business (this means your business becomes its own entity - essentially its own person - where these taxes are filed independently of your own taxes)

If you're not sure what type of business you should register yours as, check out this blog post on registering a Canadian business (click here).

After using this course to register your business, you'll be able to:

  • Register your business name
  • Purchase your domain
  • Setup your website
  • Setup your professional business eMail 


There is a disclaimer though. This course is only for those that are READY and committed to starting their own business. That means being ready to HUSTLE and put that hard work in. Because you can’t get paid without putting in the work. Your time and dedication is crucial to making sure that this works. We don’t want you to fail and we know that you don’t want to either. Don’t treat this like a hobby, treat this like a legit business right from the beginning! You have to envision where you want to be, and work like you’re already at that stage. You want people to look at your business and think it’s a huge business with tons of employees, etc. You want people to think you are a professional and they will because you will LOOK professional! All on a DIY budget and journey that we’ll take you through.