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No monthly fee, professional business eMail

Everything needed to communicate with (and grow) your audience. Take Business eMail Setup course anywhere and anytime! To build your professional online business to make money anywhere and anytime zone in the world. Custom domain email address for your business, how can it help you? Besides helping you showcase your own identity in your communications, custom domain email addresses have many other benefits.

What you’ll get at the end of the course (outcome)

Once you have read the (mini): business eMail hack, you’ll have a good grasp on how to successfully set up a FREE business email to enhance your business and look professional. Let’s get you a savings of approximately $180.00 per year.

With this email you’ll be able to:

  • Build an email list and gain leads

  • Setup email marketing campaigns

  • Engage with customers and gain credibility

  • Track Google Analytics and Ads

  • Signup for tools to accelerate your business

Easy 5-step process to get you going:

  • Step 1: Add and verify your domain, or buy a new domain with Zoho.
  • Step 2: Add users and create custom domain email accounts(or) Import users from a CSV file or from your Active Directory.
  • Step 3: Create domain-based email accounts for groups, using distribution lists to allow multiple members to receive emails from common accounts like or
  • Step 4: Configure your domain's MX records to point to Zoho Mail servers, so you can start receiving emails to your domain accounts in Zoho.
  • Step 5: Simultaneously start email migration for your users.

Alright, so we already know that having an email address is important, right? You can’t really do much without an email address nowadays. You can’t even get a free ANYTHING without providing an email address. So, as an entrepreneur yourself, you can appreciate the need to have an email address. And no, I’m not talking about a GMAIL account. No sweetie, as a business that’s not going to cut it. It does not look professional and we know you don’t want to NOT look professional right? Cool. So let’s go ahead and get you a nice email address using your very own domain. Oh, and the best part? IT IS FREE! Yea, we know you like the sound of that. What’s a hustle without some free hacks?


Luckily, there are NO monthly, annual or even startup cost at all, other than purchasing this (mini) guide of course (and if you can afford a fancy coffee, you can afford this). Once you use our tools to create your very own professional email, there is no maintenance cost! Reap the savings and benefits…

The only thing that you require prior to taking this (mini) guide is your own website name (a domain) which could be anywhere between $10-30.

Course Roadmap

Setting up your Business eMail

  • Signup for the email service

  • Connect your domain

  • Create a main email address

  • Download the email app on your phone 


Start the (mini): business eMail course now.



There is a disclaimer though. This course is only for those that are READY and committed to starting their own business. That means being ready to HUSTLE and put that hard work in. Because you can’t get paid without putting in the work. Your time and dedication is crucial to making sure that this works. We don’t want you to fail and we know that you don’t want to either. Don’t treat this like a hobby, treat this like a legit business right from the beginning! You have to envision where you want to be, and work like you’re already at that stage. You want people to look at your business and think it’s a huge business with tons of employees, etc. You want people to think you are a professional and they will because you will LOOK professional! All on a DIY budget and journey that we’ll take you through.