We’re transparent serial entrepreneurs that help individuals turn their passion into a business where you can make money in a simple and easy way. Let us teach you how to hustl with intention, to get inspired, work smarter and get paid



Hey, we’re Sanjay and Natasha. We’re here to guide you through the hustl of entrepreneurship and get paid! We’ll inspire you to envision where you want your business to be and empower you, through our knowledge, to work smarter and get sh*t done! Let’s show you just how hustl works.


Business meets creativity.

I’ve always had a knack for creativity from I was a child which led me to starting many creative experiments and building passive income-driven online businesses. Throughout the years as a CREATIVE, I hustled and worked on developing my cognitive, strategic (brand strategist) and practical skills. Those skills along with my entrepreneur behaviour led me to START MY OWN t-shirt drop shipping (Print on demand) business. I automated it to the point where I would upload my designs and it would make MONEYYYYYY all on its own. The dream right? Now here I am here with my partner to show you how to do the same. Let's get sh*t done!


Business meets tech.

Guess you can say I’ve always been into making something out of nothing and using technology to help me get there. I would call myself a “serial entrepreneur”. As a kid and all till now I always seem to come up with business ideas. I even made my first REAL business off of the idea that I cut off all my hair and thought I could make my own hair products. And yea, I DID THAT (shoutout CurlShoppe). I self-taught myself Shopify and its “liquid” code, on top of using HTML & CSS to build my e-commerce website. At the same time, I also just really enjoy helping out other entrepreneurs develop their own business. And here I am, passing that knowledge to you!


Now that you know a little bit more about each of us, you probably already know why we work so well together and just how we’re going to help you get sh*t done. We know both sides of the business and we are going to make sure that you do too! You’re going to be a master of your craft, if you aren’t already because c’mon, you are here for a reason! But not only will you really own what you do, you’re going to change your perspective on how to turn your passion and what you love into MONEYYYYYY.


Are you ready? Pumped? We’re going to give you the breakdown on how all of this works.