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Sanjay & Natasha

Hustl Works assists entrepreneurs with the first steps to starting or expanding their ideas in a side hustle or business in Canada. Get in touch with us to learn, build, and grow how to bring your entrepreneurial idea to life successfully!

We're revolutionizing business education by making it fun and focusing on the entrepreneur mindset. We do this by putting the mindset in starting your side hustle through our guides, articles, apparel and resources on entrepreneurship, earning money, and well-being — plus how to overcome the minority mindset.

We're a Canadian, transparent, serial, millennial, entrepreneurial couple — PHEW that was a mouth full — with a business together who operates small businesses in Toronto. You think we’re crazy, right, building a life AND business together at the same time… yea, we’re both crazy, but we’re making it happen and loving it (lol). We're here to bring you guides, templates, workshops, and free resources to run an online business that makes you money 💰.

We learned about building an online business (side hustle) the hard way, but we didn't let that stop us. Instead, we dusted off our shoulders and pushed through the hardships of the e-commerce, or better yet, the side hustle world. Nonetheless, here we are, 6-years later and still passionate as ever (if not more), with numerous side hustles and small online businesses such as CurlShoppe. 

Our story started 6-years ago on SUPER low budgets. When we say low, we mean it. We started our business with less than CAD $1,000. The hard part was finding information and connecting with other entrepreneurs to guide us to bring our ideas to life when we started. High-quality, accessible knowledge is tough to come by in one place, so our mission is to change that for young adults in Canada looking to start their entrepreneurial journeys. We believe education shouldn't be hard to find, whether or not you're starting to explore a potential online side hustle or ready to build your empire. 

We were thrilled to see how successful our businesses have grown over the years! We met many other entrepreneurs who guided us along the way, which led us to an idea... how about we teach 10,000 Canadian youth how to monetize their passion by starting their own business? We know exactly how BOLD it sounds, but we want to make it easy for everyone who has the drive and passion.

We want to guide you through the hustle of entrepreneurship and get paid! We'll inspire you to envision where you want your business to be and empower you, through our knowledge, to work smarter and get sh*t done, together! We're going to show you just how The Hustle Works.

We will say this last thing "Life is about believing in yourself and learning to succeed or fail by not learning".


Hey 👋🏽! I’m Sanjay Pinnock, “The Hustl CEO,” Creative Serial Entrepreneur, and Co-founder of Hustl Works. I’m a Dad of ✌🏾little ones, so I know all about having to “find time” to be a parent and be an entrepreneur. I’ll teach you how to build wealth with businesses you believe in via e-commerce and investments. Follow my journey on Instagram & TikTok @thehustlceo for tips on entrepreneurship, generational, and bundling an e-Commerce business from an idea.


👋🏽 Natasha here... I guess you can say I’ve always been into making something out of nothing and using technology to help me get there. I would call myself a “serial entrepreneur” since as a kid (and all till now), I always seem to come up with new business ideas. I even made my first REAL business (shoutout CurlShoppe) off of the idea that I cut off all my hair and thought I could make my own hair products (even though I hate science, lol).

That same business now makes 6 figures and still growing 😉
— @TheCurlyCEO

Our guides (courses), templates, workshops, and coaching focuses on building and marketing your own online THING, ranging from e-commercesocial media marketingcontent creation, and templates to enhance your entrepreneurial journey

Our 100% ring-spun simple T-shirtsHoodies, and Dad Hats are a unisex fit. With a blend of ultra-soft, light-weight air-jet spun yarns and a modern live graphic print. They were made to be comfortable all day while being wearable for entrepreneurs.

At Hustl Works, we create sustainable and aesthetically pleasing, forward-thinking items that are the key to starting your online business journey. Our brand goal is and will always be to craft unique products while simultaneously offering affordability so that you can launch your side hustle online while expressing yourself. By working together, our goal is to break down the barriers stopping aspiring Canadian entrepreneurs from leaping to start their online side hustle.

The Hustle Works initiative is operated and black-owned by the beautiful couple you just read about a moment ago #blacklivesmatter

Are you ready? Pumped? We will give you a breakdown of how all of this works. Oh, check out our Linkin bio page. Send us a message if you like it, or an email 😉.

Our 3-step approach to how the Hustl Works (The #LBG Method)

START creating your blueprint for your online business idea and the life you’re going to live. Reignite your entrepreneurial instincts to bring your vision to life and begin creating with your energy: 

[Learn] how to become the entrepreneur who has it all. Let go of the doubt. Let go of any prior failures and vibrations that may be making you second guess yourself. All these things are keeping you from all that you desire. Release all that low energy and soul ties that are keeping you in a rut. Soak up all the knowledge you can so you can allow yourself to become entangled with the real you, the entrepreneur you! 

[Build] the business you’ve always wanted to with the skills you built. You can achieve e-commerce mastery and fulfill your destiny of what you were meant to do on this planet. Consider if your natural-born skills were the very thing that could align you to riches which we’re going to help you focus on. 

[Grow] takes the blueprint you’ve created into action, your soul vibrating on a higher wavelength and constantly evolving your brand. Learning from prior mistakes, making adjustments, and listening to the voice of your business and the voice of your customer. You ARE your community, so put in the work. Guarantee yourself that you will continue to grow what you’ve built because this is your new reality, the life of an entrepreneur


E-commerce entrepreneur Coaching

Learn organic methods to start and build your Canadian entrepreneurial online business and sell to over 1000 people a month, even if your audience is 0!


After I took the Instagram for Business course and I setup the link in my bio, it was a GAME CHANGER. The traffic from our Instagram to our website has increased so much (2720 clicks in just a few weeks)!"  — Clarendon Trading Company

Johnnel F. — CEO & Co-Founder

These guys know their sh*t when it comes to e-commerce and running an online business. I’ve been in the game for a while now and I was still able to learn new tricks for my business!” — AuxGod Game

Mike R. — CEO & Founder