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DIY+ Design Your Brand for E-Commerce 🎨 💻

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If you are serious about creating a successful brand online, the DIY+ Design Your Brand for eCommerce course 🎨  is for you. It is a step-by-step online training that walks you through the various tools and strategies required to build your brand from scratch. You’ll be going through an intensive journey (that starts with):

  1. Understanding what a brand is and how you can build a successful brand
  2. Finding out how to identify and maximize your position in the market, as well as how to stand out as a leading brand
  3. Applying your knowledge using your branding strategy, not only for yourself but also for your business. 

With a practical and innovative approach, the DIY+Design Your Brand for eCommerce course 🎨 shows you how to build your brand foundation from the ground up. With the ultimate goal of having your target audience, consider yourself "the brand that they trust"! We'll show you how to transition from being a do-it-yourselfer to designing your dream brand that is unique yet professional. As you go through this course, you'll learn what it takes to create your own professional branding and develop a sound strategy to market yourself and your business online. You'll also learn how to stand out from the rest in a marketplace. 

To start off, we’ll explain:

  • Why a brand is important for your business;
  • What makes a strong brand, and;
  • How to build your online brand.

We’ll be walking you through the most common tools used to create an effective brand and the strategies for building it. As you move forward, you’ll learn steps to identify your target audience and how to make your products (or service) as attractive as possible. We’ll talk about effective ways to make a presence online and how a smart branding strategy can increase traffic and sales in real life (like growing your e-commerce business 4x during COVID — been there).

Do you want your product to stand out among the rest of the competition? Does your business have the right perception, and are you in control of how people perceive it?

Maybe you're stuck with a boring, old brand — say a year and a bit, or two — that doesn’t represent who your brand is any more or what you stand for. You may not have the right systems in place so your current branding is ACTUALLY affecting your sales, conversions, and success.

Do you need a strong brand story? One that will help your buyers understand and relate to the product or service that you are selling? This DIY+ Design 🎨 training course is designed to help fix ALL of these problems you're facing. 

  • 100% online so you can start instantly and learn on your own schedule
  • Beginner level so you can start your own thing  even if you're not tech-savvy
  • Flexible so you can work at your own pace following your schedule

This course is right for you if…

  • You own your own small business or want to start one for the first time
  • You want to spice up your branding so you can start to attract the clients you want
  • You aren’t thrilled by the quality of your current branding
  • You want to make small changes to help you attract more ideal clients.
  • You want clear action steps to get your branding consistent across your website, social media channels, and marketing materials.

Basic Package ($299)

This is called "DIY" because we start you off with an "MVP" (Minimum Viable Product) so you can build your capital and make money without waiting until you are "perfect". Then you literally "Do It Yourself (DIY)".

People naturally associate your brand value with your brand design at first glance, so you literally can't afford to have your brand say anything less than gold. People want luxury, yet personality — your brand should be able to tell a story with its logo, brand colours, font choices (and that's just the beginning).

What do you get?

When it comes to branding, you have to invest in yourself. So with that investment, this is what you get...
  • Brand Value Proposition ($499 CAD value) with the "Who, What, Where, Why & How" answers for your brand & how it can be positioned
  • Brand Best Practices  ($199 CAD value) to understanding both what branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand
  • Branding Roadmap ($299 CAD value) to guide you through a journey that starts with understanding what a brand is and how to build a successful small business brand from the ground up — and how picking the right name, colors, photography, fonts, and logo can be instrumental to your brand’s success. This course explores visual identity and its importance to successful branding. Complete all 4 chapters and create your own world-class brand system for on-going brand maintenance:  
      • Get a logo, colour palette, photography, and brand fonts
      • Brand mood board (Canva for our knowledge)
      • Access on desktop, phone, or TV anywhere
      • Fillable PDF workbooks 
  • Branding Coaching Calls ($299 CAD value) to give you that edge so you can work smarter, not harder
  • Canva Brand Kit Walkthrough ($149 CAD value) where we show you how to use Canva & take your anxiety away from that "I don't know how to design" feeling — ignite your inner designer
  • BONUS: Unlimited Shopify time trial ($40+ CAD value) so you have all the time you need to design the store how you want to — building a brand can take some time, so no rush

All of this a value of $1485 CAD, yours for just $299 CAD!

And if you want to have a sharp logo for your brand and you just don't want to do it all by yourself...

Premium Package ($799)

You get EVERYTHING in the BASIC package, but with...

A custom logo designed just for you by a professional Graphic Designer! You won't have a standard "slapped together" logo. With years of branding experience in eCommerce, we save you time and trouble by giving you everything you need to easily create content for your business.

  • Logo Package which contains all of the logo variations you need in a .zip file (.jpg, .png & .ai) — standard black, white & full colour
  • Brand Guidelines Cheatsheet PDF so you know how to use your brand assets WITH CONFIDENCE all on your own 👌🏽
  • BONUS: Brand Audit ($150 CAD value) if you already have a logo you're working with 

Why wait when you can make your brand make you money?

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Ps. We've been where you are, right now. We've been in those frustrating times, trust us. And if you don't believe us, check out this story on a WTF moment with Shopify (yes, that's seriously what the series is called, WTF = Work Through Failure).