Why Customers Abandon the Cart (and How To Get Them Back)

There are 2 pretty distinct reasons as to why a customer would abandon their cart:

  1. Price
  2. Trust

Sometimes the issue isn't that your site looks bad or that your product is bad, but it may just be the price or the fact there hasn't been any trust built yet.

Because you're not there in person when a customer is shopping with you on your site, you want to make sure you have the right tools and system in place to keep that sale. 

Abandonment Issue: Price

When the issue is "I want to purchase but, the price is too high"...

The easiest thing to do is offer a coupon. Why do you think everyone does it? Now you don't want to be all willy-nilly with your discounts because you don't want to cheapen your own brand. However a sale is a sale and if they need a little nudge and losing out on 10% makes you 90% of that sale, do it. 

Pro Hustl Tip: Have an offer for a discount code when someone signs up to your mailing list

Abandonment Issue: Trust

When the issue is "I want to purchase but, I don’t know if I can trust this company"...

Building trust is a bit harder, but the way that you do that is by having a/an:

  • Website that looks legit
  • About page to tell your story (show that you're a REAL person)
  • Extra info on your product pages (shipping info, FAQ, etc)
  • Reviews from past customers (social proof)

If you're new to selling online and your reviews are looking dry, then try to get friends & family to write some for you! It takes a community to build a business, so lean on your circle (that's what friends & family are for right?). To be honest, our 1st sales from our main businesses were from Family & Friends. 

Pro Hustl Tip: Get a FREE professional business email instead of using a @gmail