What does the acronym TLDR mean?

Okay, so if you're the type to read a lot of blog posts, or maybe you're a reddit person, you may know the term "TLDR" already. 

If you don't care to figure out how to use TLDR for your blog as an online entrepreneur, then skip all this unnecessary text to get straight to it 👉🏽 the answer to "What does the acronym TLDR mean?".


How to use TLDR for business

The term TLDR is used for the readers that like skipping the fluff and getting straight to the answer. 

TLDR is good for audiences like:

  • Reddit communities
  • Recipe blogs
  • Tech blogs
  • Start-up blogs

If you write in long-format, an anchor tag is great for enabling the user to click a link and "jump to" the right spot in the blog post for the information they're looking for (aka skipping content). For example, "the answer" link earlier in this same blog post uses the same tactic.

Why? Because it was just too long to read...

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What does TLDR mean?

TL;DR or TLDR means "excessively long; didn't peruse." 

TLDR MEANING: While the web abbreviation can condemn a piece of composing as excessively long, it frequently gives a supportive, clever, or snide synopsis of a significantly longer story or convoluted peculiarity.

How do you use TLDR?

As a rule, you should possibly utilize TLDR (tr;dl) while summing up a piece of text, regardless of whether you're the creator or analyst. Utilizing the expression TLDR without offering a valuable rundown for the substance can put on a show of being purposefully impolite (at the same time, that might be your aim).

Where does TLDR come from?

The shortened form TLDR (tr;dl) is found on a Usenet newsgroup about computer games as right on time as 2002 and acquired section on Urban Dictionary relatively soon. Initially, TLDR was an insult, utilized in response to some post, remark, or content considered to be longwinded or wordy—as though saying, "This is excessively long, so I didn't understand it."

The answer to "What does the acronym TLDR mean?"

What does TLDR mean?

The acronym TLDR stands for "Too Long, Didn't Read"

And that's really all it is to it, seriously.