How to set up a Podcast for your eCommerce Business


  • App to record and host (ie. Anchor.FM)
  • Podcast Name
  • Podcast Description
  • Episode Description
    • Mini Intro
    • Episode Topics
    • Footer (business info/links)
  • App to edit episodes (ie. GarageBand)
  • Sound snippets for in-episode (PRO HUSTL TIP: find free ones or use FIVERR to get a personal one)
    • Intro song
    • Outro song
    • Special effects (ie. horn)

How to edit a podcast in GarageBand

  1. Open GarageBand
  2. Drag episode audio files into “(New) Track”
  3. Select Mix > Show Automation
  4. Double-check on (yellow) line to add “node” to control sound/fade (add as many as needed)
  5. Trim any excess time/sound at the end of the episode
  6. Save As.. (keep as a “project” in GarageBand)
  7. Share > Mail… Copy the created file (will show as an image icon in Mail) and save to Downloads or a specific folder on your computer