TikTok takes top domain spot

TikTok, a short video-sharing platform, took the top spot for the most popular domain. Google, Amazon and Facebook continued to be ranked second, 4th and 5th, respectively. Apple became the third most popular domain from its former seventh rank, while Microsoft fell to the 7th position from its previous 5th rank. 

The recent explosion of TikTok in Asia had helped it surpass Google to become the top most popular domain in the world. TikTok was also one of the few domains that could reach an equal user base across all age groups in Asia. On the other hand, Twitter managed to hold on to its 6th spot while Netflix remained 8th. On the other hand, WhatsApp took over YouTube's 9th place after its rapid growth throughout the years.

How does the top domain change? 

The rankings for the most popular domains are updated hourly, based on various factors, including the number of time users spend on a site and how many other sites link to it.

Check out the full list of the top 10 most popular domains as of late 2021:

  1. TikTok.com
  2. Google.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Microsoft.com
  5. Apple.com
  6. Amazon.com
  7. Netflix.com
  8. YouTube.com
  9. Twitter.com
  10. WhatsApp.com

Google has been a global top-level domain for over 10 years, but the world's number one search engine lost its leading position as the most visited website to video-sharing app TikTok in Q1 of 2019. 

There are many reasons why Google was toppled off its perch, including the fact that it's now blocked in China. TikTok, on the other hand, is growing rapidly there and is likely to benefit from this ban. It is also popular with Generation Z. This age group represents the future of mobile internet adoption and advertising spending.