Create a Pixel TikTok Pixel for Ads

Here's how to create your own Pixel

The pixel is a small piece of code that you place on your website to help you find new customers, optimize your campaigns and measure ad performance. With the pixel, you can track website visitor actions, like 'view page' or 'purchase,' and create audience segments to re-engage previous site visitors or model lookalikes to find new customers. 

  • You need to have a website for your business.
  • You need to be able to edit your website's code or theme.

Create a TikTok Pixel

Hustl Works Create a Pixel TikTok Pixel for Ads

1. Click 'Event' in Assets tab in TikTok Ads Manager.

2. Choose Website Pixel, and click 'Manage.'

 3. Click 'Create Pixel.'

 4. Add a Pixel Name.

 5. Select the Installation Type.

 6. Click 'Next' to create and set event rules. 


  • Pixel name: We recommend the pixel name corresponds to the website or domain name. Maximum character length is 128 characters, including spaces.
  • Page load: We recommend only using 1 pixel per website as adding multiple pixels makes it more difficult to organize and manage. Too many pixels can also reduce page load speed. 


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