How to — Apps to Start Your Investing Journey

How to — Apps to Start Your Investing Journey

Hey 👋🏾 Sanjay here, 

Quick update.

It's been an interesting start into 2021 — in the best ways possible.

Over the past few years, I have been focusing on giving back to other entrepreneurs, especially within the BIPOC community (building online businesses & investing). You already know that I always say "give back", but you also need to build good habits that generate YOUR generational wealth along the way.

Anyways, I've started to share my investment journey because I have come to realize that financial literacy is often not talked about in everyday language — for example how to transform $100.00 into $1,000.00. I know right? Sounds like nonsense, lol. Well, it's not, and since others have been asking HOW... here are a few Apps to get you started 😏. 

Apps I use to: Learn Stocks

App Level Why
Learn Basic Super easy to use and understand, plus FREE
Investmate Intermediate
A little harder (more advanced concepts) to use and understand, but still FREE

Apps I use to:
 Buy & Sell Stocks

App Level Why

Wealthsimple Trade


Commission-free trade 😱 (Keep in mind they do not get all stocks on their APP right away). Plus the app is extremely easy to use!

CIBC Investor-Edge
I already banked with CIBC for years, and they also have a really low commission rate of $6.95 CAD per trade (vs RBC $9.95 CAD per trade).

Living in a world where most people graduate from high school with little education on how to actually grow and invest their money, it really does not make sense if you think about it. Given that most of us are destined to earn money while lacking basic personal finance knowledge, it's no wonder why it's hard to purchase family homes, cars, and travel (all the things us millennials want to do but usually can't afford). 

3 E-Commerce stocks to consider

Let's start with the most obvious play with my 3 e-commerce stocks play.

  1. (AMZN)
  2. Shopify (SHOP.TO)
  3. LightSpeed (LSPD.TO)

You already know The Hustle Works from building online stores, so what now?

How do you make that money work for you, ?

Hustl Works is putting together resources to help you build generational wealth 💰 through investing (that means money for you, AND your kids, and maybe their kids too 🤪).

Let's get sh*t done, together!

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