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It's graduation time! We wish it were easy to make a living from home going forward, we wish it were free, and we wish it were profitable. But it's not. And that's okay! Not everyone can make their living running around doing whatever they want for an unlimited amount of time. That's why there are side hustles that you can start or combine with your main online business (or side hustle competition) to make extra cash in your downtime. 

You've just graduated and entered the real world with its exciting possibilities. What better way to explore it than by creating something that solves a problem or even makes someone smile? The following list of 8 ideas shows you how to get started on something of real value.

One thing that surprised me about post-college life is how many people find asking for money to be emotionally painful. It's unfortunate in the sense that it has the potential to hurt, and they still want the money even though it means missing out on that key benefit. This is one prime opportunity for you to make a ton of money or spectacularly fail but minimize the losses of asking someone for money.

We live in a COVID-19 world. We have entered a time when pandemic threat is real and affecting our lives. The world is turning upside down, and you need to be ready to adapt to the changes. With this post, we would like to share how you can remain open to new possibilities in your life no matter what and even when things aren't going great. 

No one has time to figure themselves out. We have families, and careers, and social lives—if not, just trying to LIVE. But few people have an idea of what they want to do with their lives. Asking someone what they want to do is contrary to every instinct for choosing which careers are worth pursuing and which ones aren't.

The truth is post-secondary is structured, and life is not a rollercoaster. Whether you've been studying to get your DEGREE, planning marriage proposals or trying to get sober, or are working towards saving over time for retirement — the reality is much harder than looking good at parties. If you are looking for a roadmap to success, precisely the type of results that typically sell products —then here are my top ten reasons for writing better classes.

Many of our readers who currently have post-secondary debts are overwhelmed by the thought of paying them off. It doesn't help that books are being written about how to turn your lackluster résumé into a stellar job application: How to Get an Engineering Job Without Resume. We wish we could tell you that you would magically become a hotshot overnight (or at least that was my initial plan), but we often don't gain the skills we need until we take action. Sometimes that means putting in effort even in situations where we think the effort will not help us greatly. 8-great ideas to explore post-college. Why? Because you're young and you can! Read on!

Bet on yourself

Some people look at betting on yourself and be a risky reward as being the same, whereas we look at them as coming in different flavours. Risky things can be things you have no control over like getting stuck in an accident or doing something stupid that could get you killed. Reward things are things you have some control over like getting a promotion at work or making the right investment decision in your own life.

The best way to avoid being a victim is just to take calculated risks. Ignore popular wisdom, and bet on yourself. In the real world, you have to deal with difficult and sometimes uncertain situations. But in the gaming arena; in fantasyland, luck is happening at every turn and there are always ways of earning more, much faster, and with more happy consequences than anyone could have imagined.

Start your own side hustle

It's easy to get comfortable in your comfort zone. We get comfortable with doing the same routine day in and day out because it's what we know. We develop that routine because we've done it so often. And most of us think we know what's best. You don't have to trust me with anything. You can follow my footsteps wherever they lead...but you shouldn't follow ours because once established, you don't have an option but to follow that lead. As entrepreneurs...you shouldn't feel forced.

Find a mentor

We've found the quality of online mentoring can be more important than money. No matter how good of an idea you are, if you don't have someone who understands how it works and can give you constructive feedback, your idea will always be a pipe dream. When you need a mentor to get moving, find someone who won't mind sharing the path with you — someone who doesn't mind helping you break through obstacles, maybe even someone who started earlier yet has achieved success where others have struggled.

Most people underrate the importance of having a mentor. After all, even if you find someone willing to mentor you (which can sometimes be hard to do), it sounds like... well... a ton of hard work! I want to tell you why. Mentors provide network effects, meaning that connecting with other like-minded people is easier when there are mentors available. Not every network ever created was worth building. Remember that discovering your mentor could become a challenge, but it would be worthwhile if it were easy.

Build meaningful Relationships

Welcome to 2021. Where everything is much easier than ever — despite COVID-19, the age of social media is truly upon us. The more we use it, the better we can take advantage of it. Great content can be created through these platforms or contributed by your audience members. You can build relationships that last long after you stop working together. However, many new entrepreneurs wonder how to ensure their social presence will not affect their side hustles or business's performance. This is especially true if you manage multiple accounts while working from home. The best way to ensure people will keep coming back to your social media pages even after you are no longer posting on them is using the right tactics.  

Build your entrepreneurial mindset

How do we overcome the mindset that makes us resistant to new ideas and abilities? It starts with little things — starting small and broadening your vision a little bit each day. Breaking out of your comfort zone can be scary, but it will end up being one of the most rewarding parts of life if you choose to:

  • Optimize your routine
  • Schedule your time
  • Talk to people (networking)



Learn how to get into the right mindset to start an online business. At the end of this guide, you should have a better idea of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey and be able to take the next step.

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