What is an aspiring entrepreneur

What is an aspiring entrepreneur

The words aspire and dream have been associated with productivity and success for centuries. Yet, both words have become more ambiguous in contemporary usage. 

  • What does "aspiring" mean? 
  • What does "to dream" mean? 
  • What makes someone an "entrepreneur"?

Unfortunately, these questions are harder to answer today than they were a decade ago when people still talked about setting goals and working hard.

While at times this may be true, most people are not striving indefinitely. Instead, they consciously choose to live in the moment and understand that whatever their attainments may be, they are temporary and dependent on circumstances outside of themselves to change for them. Being an aspiring entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to be a failure. Nor does it mean you have to live your life in a cocoon. Many people achieve great things without feeling like they live in the past or living in the cloud. Aspiring entrepreneurs are those who constantly look ahead and don't worry about what the future holds. They understand there is no such thing as being too far behind — life passes you by every day.

Motivational affirmation for each morning

"I am an ambitious person. I dream of building things that matter, and I want to share my knowledge with people who are willing to learn more about what I've got planned".  

The world needs more people willing to take risks, take action, and make changes in their lives to improve it for everyone else. This is a description of someone who is committed to building something big and meaningful in his life.

We define 'ambition' as the desire to engage in activities that cause us to look beyond our immediate concerns and goals to see what's possible. Ambition is independent of personal capacity; it requires no particular ability or merit but rather arises from the awareness that your capacity is limited and that what you're doing now may not be enough. As such, it's compatible with self-discipline, self-motivation and

An entrepreneurial spirit takes risks, breaks new ground and creates something out of thin air. To be an entrepreneur is to risk failure and disappointing your family and friends. The angle of view in entrepreneurship is often drama-driven rather than technical or logical. Our motivation is often based on a feeling of Wealthiness.

There is a difference between a dream and an aspiration. A dream is something that can be achieved — the destination, if you will. An aspiration is simply a desire that may or may not be achieved. Aspiration is more powerful than a dream because it requires action to commit to work hard toward a goal and then trust that whatever it is working towards will actually happen.

Are you aspiring?

Whether you are just now embarking on the makings of a new business, or you need to make some changes with an existing company, this guide is for you. This set includes tools and suggestions on examining areas from customer service and sales to writing and marketing. What other professions do entrepreneur entrepreneurs do? It is not always as easy as it seems to come up with new ideas, and it takes more than that initial idea to run a successful company. But someone has made it this far, and that's you. Turn your plans into a business.

But if you don't have a firm grasp on your purpose, then you are in the wrong place, and so is anyone trying to advise you. If you have found this site, you are likely already an entrepreneur, yet maybe without giving yourself permission to call yourself one or to take action. That's ok; just go back to the start and see if you can give yourself that permission. You can have a life of entrepreneurial adventure or live as a scared slave. It's totally up to you. The choice is always yours, and it always will be.

Entrepreneurship is an individual pursuit, but your ability to start a business is affected by things inside you — your attitudes, feelings and behaviours — and outside of you — your values, strengths, interests, skills and resources. In reality, you already possess most of the skills entrepreneurs need to launch their businesses.

Two Words for One Intention

Two words describe your desire to do something. Words have signification. But they also have connotations. The meaning you give to a word determines how it affects others. A good word has many meanings that don't add up to anything; its opposite has one meaning but is misunderstood. As an English speaker, you don't have to study Latin to understand that intent. But even if you did study Latin, you wouldn't know that intent is often something besides what you intend. Many people have a vague feeling that they want to do X, Y, and Z but have no clear idea of getting there.

What happens when you combine an intention (go) with a verb root (to complete) in a sentence? The result is an action-oriented phrase with an underlying sense of direction. This aspect of Latin is expressed most clearly in these two sentences: We decided to do this work because it is our intention. Internalizing meaning is possible in both cases because what you intend is a description of your action – what you do next is described by taking action.

A dream is an act of will. Just as you can dream of landing a strike on that first creative project, so you can also dream of waking up and doing what you really want, regardless of how unlikely it might seem. But, unfortunately, most people have had that first impulse towards entrepreneurship and taken the wrong turn somewhere — either because they have no clear idea about what they want or they haven't committed fully to something yet, or because they have a goal they want to accomplish but don't know where to start.

People often have an intention when they speak of "starting something." However, when they mean undertaking, they usually think of some definite action to attain some definite result. 

Instead of saying that you intend to start a business, you should say that you desire to have the opportunity to do so. The opportunity is not something that will present itself; it may (or may not) materialize. So you have to be willing to take the risk of putting yourself out there without expecting anything in return. This leaves us with two words: intend and junto (intentions). Intentions are clearly directed toward an event or action; they're not just about thinking about something in the abstract.


An aspiring entrepreneur is always looking for something better and more fulfilling – ideally in a different field. The key to becoming truly successful at any business or job is setting and reaching some definite goals. Once you have decided where your goal lies, you want to do everything in your power to get there. The best way to achieve this is to concentrate on doing things that will help you move in the right direction and inspire others to follow you. 

Starting is the key advice that has enabled me to keep going despite numerous obstacles and setbacks: a willingness to try something new, to persevere despite failures, to create a vision and stick with it till the end. Surely there is someone out there who has figured it all out. But more often than not, we create our own obstacles by getting entangled in failed or unfinished ventures. 

Let's get sh*t done, together

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