How to start successfully Vlogging in 2022 guide

How to start successfully Vlogging in 2022 guide | Hustl Works | Toronto, Canada

👋🏾 Sanjay here. So you want to start a YouTube channel? Or maybe you're simply an expert who wants to share important knowledge with the world. Regardless of why you want to start your vlog or what you plan to feature, some best practices ensure your vlog channel gets success from the get-go.

How to start a Vlog?

One of the best ways to start a vlog is to go for it! The most important thing is to be yourself because that's what viewers want. (Not to mention, if you're not having fun making Youtube videos, why should your viewers?)

Telling your personal story or relating something new or exciting will make your vlog more interesting.

Once you START, it becomes easier to continue. If you find yourself feeling like you've hit a wall in terms of ideas, here are some ways to get your ideas flowing:

  1. Talk about something that interests you. 
  2. Create a list of prompts to help you think of topics (for example, top 5 tips for learning Spanish). 
  3. Ask others for topic ideas (your friends and family can help too!). 
  4. Review things you regularly use (like your cell phone or computer). 
  5. Record weekly vlogs on the same day and time each week to become routine and easier to produce regularly.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the act of making online videos and posting them on the internet. A vlog can be anything from a 10-minute video review to a 5-hour long documentary on your favourite subject. 

Vlogging has become increasingly popular as cameras have become more accessible and affordable, and the internet is becoming more accessible and affordable.

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What Makes a Good Video Vlog?

How do you make a video vlog? It's not as easy as it looks. You need to have a plan, good equipment, and valuable content.

If you want to create a video blog of your own, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Develop a niche: It's best to create a video blog around the expertise or passion. This is the easiest way to eliminate competition in your field. If you're passionate about cooking or fishing, for example, you might be able to attract new fans by creating instructional videos on YouTube or posting fishing tips on Facebook.
  • Identify and engage with your target audience: If you're passionate about your niche but aren't sure who else might be interested in it, try searching social media for related terms and hashtags that relate to what you love to do. Find others who are talking about the same subjects to build a community around your interests.
  • Deliver value:  If people come to your page to get free information, they will be more likely to share what they find with their friends and followers. Video is one of the most powerful tools for building trust among viewers.
  • Good Video Quality: First and foremost, you need to ensure good video quality. This is a given, considering that most people use their phones to record their videos. If your video looks fuzzy and out of focus, then it will be really hard to enjoy the content of your video.
  • Be Consistent: Another key aspect of making a good video vlog is being consistent in making them. If you're only posting once every couple of months, then there will be nothing for people to subscribe to or view if they find your channel through search engine results.

Vlog platforms worth considering

If you want to become a big deal on YouTube, it helps if you post original content. The more original your videos are, the more interesting they will be to viewers.

Use the information below to start your own YouTube vlog:

Create a YouTube account and upload your first video. You can use your phone or computer to create your first video. Remember, quality is better than quantity. It's more effective to have a small audience of loyal subscribers than a huge audience that doesn't return. YouTube is the top platform for vlogging, so starting there would be ideal. 

Give your video a title to get people interested and encourage them to watch. Use keywords that people are typing in the search bar to align to content like yours. This will help you find an audience outside of YouTube and inside it.

Build an email list so that you can reach out to new people who aren't yet subscribed to your channel. You can do this by adding links to ask people to subscribe or follow you on social media and YouTube. 

Other platforms to consider:

  • Facebook (Live)
  • Instagram (Stories, IGTV, and Live)
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo

Brand your Vlogging channel

As I mentioned before, your vlog channel should be well branded. That brand can translate into money-making opportunities in the future, such as getting a book deal or product endorsement deals with major brands.

No matter what your vlog is about, if you are starting a vlog channel from scratch, make sure your channel has a consistent, well-branded look throughout all of your videos. This will help your audience recognize you and keep them returning to see more of your videos. Here are some tips for creating branding for yourself and ensuring that it is consistent across all of your videos:

  1. Choose a colour scheme – One way to create a brand for yourself is to choose a colour scheme. You can have one main colour or have multiple colours in your channel's design. For example, you might use a grayish-blue as the main colour of your channel, but use a bright yellow in the background when making an "about me" video or when showing text at the end of the video. You can even use different coloured text boxes throughout your videos so that they stand out.
  2. Use similar fonts throughout – Another way to create consistency within your channel is to stick with similar fonts throughout your videos. This will help make sure all the titles and text across your videos are easy for viewers to read and understand.
  3. Use similar graphics – The last way to ensure consistency within your channel is to keep your YouTube video covers, Channel banner, and logo consistent.

Best practices for top-quality Vlog production

If you want to produce high-quality vlogs that resonate with all types of viewers, here are some best practices to keep in mind: 

  • Think about the content. What do you want to say? What do you want your audience to receive from your vlog? How will you ensure that your message comes across? What will be the takeaway after someone watches your vlog? 
  • Consider what type of camera to use. You can get started with almost any type of camera out there, but if you want high-quality sound and video, invest in a DSLR video.

Best Vlogging camera

Best Vlogging cameras are a must for your vlogging. However, it is not enough to have good content. It helps if you have a good camera. This is where a DSLR camera comes in handy.

The best vlogging cameras are going to produce the highest quality video possible. No one wants to watch a video that looks like it was shot on an iPhone. The definition of a DSLR camera is that it has interchangeable lenses, as you would see with any other professional camera. Still, they are digital, and they use memory cards instead of film to create photos and videos.

The best vlogging cameras will give you good-quality photos and videos. You do not have to buy the most expensive model. Even though this may be tempting, you can still find great deals on good-quality vlogging cameras if you look hard enough online.

Best Vlogging Camera for the Money 

One of the cheapest cameras for vlogging is the Canon EOS Rebel T5i (or T6i). It costs around $700 plus and has an APS-C CMOS sensor, enabling it to produce high-quality videos. In addition, the camera's autofocus feature allows you to record smooth videos in any light condition. The camera is also versatile and can take great photos too!

If you're looking for a cheaper option, then consider purchasing the Canon EOS Rebel T5i for

What is a Vlogging kit?

A vlogging kit is a collection of equipment that you can use to create videos for vlogging. Vlogging (video blogging) is a good way to get your content out there and your passion and enthusiasm for something with the rest of the world.


Like building any successful online venture, it takes time, discipline, and commitment to building a successful vlog. Remember that you don't have to be the next Latoya Forever overnight. Take it one video at a time. Start with an epic first video that introduces yourself and your vlog and go from there, taking cues from your most popular videos and evolving with your audience's preferences.


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