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👋🏾 We know you're prepared to take the jump and start a business. Congratulations! Making that choice may feel risky, however, taking up risk can yield huge rewards. Start here!

This checklist is for anyone starting a business, aspiring entrepreneursside hustle, and people ready to break down the minority mindset.

How to start a small business

Course to start your Canadian Small Business or side hustle in:

  1. Aspiring Entrepreneur Mindset 101 Guide: Learn how to get into the right mindset to start an online business.
  2. Register Your Business 101 Guide: We will discuss the basics of starting a business, emphasizing e-commerce Small Businesses. 
  3. Creating a Business Email 101 Guide: Simple steps that walk you through setting up a business or side hustle email.
  4. Build your Brand 101 Guide: Learn how to create a powerful personal brand or e-commerce that speaks to your audience.
  5. Promoting Your Business 101 Guide: Learn how to promote your business with organic marketing and social media ads.
  6. Basic DIY Shopify Online Store Setup 101 Guide: We will walk you through how to make a beautiful Shopify store that converts customers to make their first sale. 
  7. Selling on RedBubble 101 Guide: We're excited to guide you on how to set up your first shop on RedBubble, and start earning passive income selling print-on-demand (POD) merchandise.

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How to start a business: 

(in these provinces:)

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

How to start a business:

(in these cities): 

  • Toronto
  • Montréal
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Québec City
  • Winnipeg
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • Cambridge
  • Waterloo
  • London
  • St. Catharines
  • Niagara
  • Halifax
  • Oshawa
  • Victoria
  • Windsor
  • Saskatoon
  • Regina
  • Sherbrooke
  • St. John's
  • Barrie
  • Kelowna
  • Abbotsford
  • Greater Sudbury
  • Kingston
  • Saguenay
  • Trois-Rivières
  • Guelph
  • Moncton
  • Brantford
  • Saint John
  • Thunder Bay
  • Peterborough

    Can you start an online business with no money?

    Yes, you can kick-start a business and not use any money. There are 5 approaches to get funding when you have no money (cash):

    1. Tap right into a skillset you've got and use free tools. Save 6 months' well worth of expenses. 
    2. Ask your own circle of relatives and friends for startup funds.
    3. Find out approximately neighbourhood small business grants and investment opportunities. 
    4. Apply for a small business loan. Look into angel investors.

    What are the most successful small businesses?

    1. Dropshipping
    2. Print on demand
    3. Tax preparation and bookkeeping
    4. Handmade products
    5. Digital products
    6. Photography
    7. Video games
    8. Self-published author
    9. Pet product retailer
    10. Thrifting
    11. Freelancing/Business consulting
    12. Social media influencer
    13. Coffee retailer
    14. Renting unused space
    15. Buying businesses for sale
    16. Website design



    As an Entrepreneur, you will need this foundation to learn the mindset it takes to succeed. This bundle provides you with the core concepts of our Aspiring Entrepreneur 101 Guide series. In addition, it includes four fillable PDF training content designed to transform your mindset and guide you in building your first personal business.

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