An offer you can't refuse Rogers Media #ALLIN for equity giveaway

Hustlworks — An offer you can't refuse Rogers Media #ALLIN for equity giveaway — Hustle Works

👋🏽 Sanjay and Natasha here! Great news, Rogers Sports & Media is #ALLIN for a world where equity matters. They're giving away a minimum of 10 million dollars in free advertising and creative services over the next five years to help small businesses, charities and organizations that support equity-seeking groups.

How it works

Before you complete your application, read through these helpful tips...

  1. Tell us about your business or cause. How will partnering with us help you to support equity-seeking groups?
  2. Submit your application then sit tight. We will review all applications and get back to everyone who has applied by the end of November.
  3. We will select a minimum of four businesses and four charities to support every year.
  4. Each successful applicant will receive up to $250,000 in media value and creative support from Rogers Sports & Media.
  5. If selected, we will provide a custom campaign and media plan specific to your business or cause. This could include creative development and free media to amplify your message.
  6. We will launch and manage your campaign and deliver a post-report once completed.

Don't waist any more time the deadline is upon us. 

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