Shopify brings commerce to TikTok 🕺🏾💃🏽. Shopify & TikTok

Hustlworks — Shopify brings commerce to TikTok 🕺🏾💃🏽. Shopify & TikTok — Hustle Works

Sanjay and Natasha here 👋🏽,

Things just got really interesting on the e-commerce fronts. Today, Shopify  announced that they have formed a first-of-its-kind commerce partnership with TikTok that brings the world’s leading destination for short-form video to Shopify’s more than one million merchants. With the TikTok channel for Shopify, merchants can take advantage of TikTok’s global scale to reach new and highly engaged audiences. 

Building a successful brand means Shopify merchants need to be wherever their customers are spending time, and today that means growing their social commerce presence. The TikTok channel allows merchants to create and connect their TikTok For aide hustle or business account and deploy In-Feed shoppable video ads directly within Shopify. Merchants select which product they would like to feature, and video ads are automatically generated that drive to their Shopify stores for checkout. Ready-made templates designed specifically for commerce mean merchants of any size can take advantage of the TikTok channel using their existing imagery or video. 

Shopify and TikTok have also partnered to feature Black-owned side hustles or businesses with a new #ShopBlack campaign, which runs from Nov. 10 to 15. TikTok’s first co-branded Hashtag Challenge Plus, the project asks TikTok users to spotlight their favourite Black-owned side hustle or businesses using the hashtag. TikTok users will be able to check out videos from more than 40 Shopify merchants, plus use a custom-branded effect and music.

This is incredible news, can you imagine telling your brand story through Shopify on TikTok?

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Everyone has been asking us what platform to use for e-commerce that is easy to use, effective, and looks great. Now, thanks to our partnership with Shopify, you can have beautiful themes at your fingertips to make your online side hustles or business unforgettable with Shopify and all its integrations. With little to no coding background required, you can start selling today!

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