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We all know that Google is a beast, right? Google basically owns SEO and if you want to make money with eCommerce, then you need to ensure you're optimized as much as possible on Google.

So if you were wondering if you need to setup your business or side hustle on Google, and how, then keep reading!

Why you should setup your business on Google

You should setup your "Google My Business" profile:

  • Get recognized more on Google Search & Maps
  • Backlinks to your own website (ie. more traffic)
  • People search for side hustles or businesses all the time (why not yours?)

Setup your FREE Google My Business Account in 5 Steps

To get started, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter all the information about your business or side hustle that you can
  3. If you want to show up in Google Maps, then add your side hustle or business location here (this should be an actual business/office address; however if you don't have one, leave this out as we don't recommend using your home address for the public)
  4. Select the option to have your verification code mailed to you, then wait for that bad boy to show up in the mail
  5. Once you receive it, follow the instructions to input the code (ie. going to & finish your setup

Things to keep in mind when setting up Google My Business:

  • Add profile short name (kinda like your username)
  • Add as much Business Info as possible (contact info, logo, etc)
  • Add Products/Services (unfortunately it doesn't sync directly so you'll have to manually add each product - product name, price, etc)
  • Add photos (logo, office, team, etc)

Some commonly asked questions. Let's discover the answers together.

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Hope this helps you on your journey to growing your brand and using free marketing tools to do just that. Now go ahead and get sh*t done!

Let's get sh*t done, together! 

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