Printful Now Ships Locally from Canada

Printful Now Ships Locally from Canada

We just found out some AMAZING news from one of our partners, Printful.

Printful now fulfills locally from Canada

If you didn't know, Printful is a print-on-demand (POD) dropshipping company that syncs with Shopify to print and ship your custom designed swag. 

Dropshipping in Canada

Being Canadian, a lot of the perks for businesses happen to be for Americans only...

  • No exchange rates
  • No duties and taxes
  • Faster (and cheaper) shipping

So now, we'll get those same perks from Printful!

Benefits for Canadians

What does this mean for you? As a Canadian entrepreneur, this means when you'll also get to enjoy these perks, and most importantly more sales, because...

  • Your customers pay in CAD (not USD)
  • No one pays for duties and taxes (no one wants that)
  • Products ship in 2-4 days within Canada (not 30 days from China)

What are you waiting for? Start selling!

Canadian Dropshipping

Let's get sh*t done, together! 

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