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The mental health limited time capsule 2020

(October 12 — November 13)

This capsule is dedicated to mental health awareness for all entrepreneurs because mental health is just as important as physical health. We often hear that we need to "grind" ourselves into our work or we're not being seen as taking it seriously. But ensuring you're in the right mental space and your body itself is healthy. This is why supporting mental health research helps to keep the entrepreneur community healthy.

Entrepreneurs are often described as the drivers of our economy, so let's motivate and support each other! As a society, we help support, sustain and grow the health of all small businesses — and it is time to do the same for our own mental health.

We want this collection to start an open conversation and shift the popular view of entrepreneurs from the tireless innovator or lone visionary’. We want a vision which allows all entrepreneurs to show their vulnerability and ask for help when needed, and know they can go at their own pace.

We're guessing you're either (a soon to be) entrepreneur or at least know one. As entrepreneurs, we must go on grasping towards our goals using our own skills, pushing the boundaries and fragmenting realities that may not seem possible to innovate within existing ideas (contrary to the "status-quo"). We don't need to do this alone! Support mental health research and resources.

Limited time capsule "entrepreneur magic" available designs for mental health awareness month

And if you wanted to learn a little more, here are some statistics...

  • Two thirds (62%) feel depressed at least once a week 
  • Nearly half (46%) say that mental health issues interfere with their ability to work 
  • One in five (21%) entrepreneurs feel satisfied with their mental health less than once a week — among the general population, 8% of Canadians perceive their mental health as poor or fair

10% of proceeds from this limited time capsule will be donated to CMHA to support mental health research and resources.

CMHA is one of the world’s leading mental health research organization. When you give to CMHA, you give researchers time to make breakthroughs, patients/entrepreneur time to heal, and families time together.

Let's get sh*t done, with a healthy mind.

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