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Planoly is a great FREE tool that actually allows you to play around with how your Instagram feed looks (prior to posting). Essentially a “visual planner” for Instagram.

One feature of Planoly that we like is being able to see the calendar of when you posted and the times that you’ve posted. This is helpful to keep you on track of what you already posted (consistency) and future posts that you’ve scheduled to go out. Try and have at least 1 post every other day or so to keep your audience engaged. You can also see what time of day your posts perform better by keeping track of WHEN you post and the number of likes and engagement you get.

Hashtags are a very important aspect of Instagram when it comes to gaining traffic. Planoly has a special spot (in the settings) to organize and save all of your hashtags. It’s good to have a few different groups of hashtags that pertain to different kinds of Instagram posts that you have.


For example, for CurlShoppe there are 2 different hashtag groups that Natasha uses: hair & biz. Hair hashtags are only curly hair related and geared towards the audience of strictly curly girls! Biz hashtags are more geared towards female entrepreneurs and used for posts that both of the CurlShoppe partners are in. You can have as many as you like but note these things:

  • You can only have 30 hashtags per Instagram post

  • The more niche you are, the better target market you’ll reach

So when you’ve done some research for the hashtags that you like and want to use, all you have to do is go to Planoly after you post, copy the hashtag group that you want, and paste into the comments! We recommend that you post it in a separate comment vs the actual caption of the post; it just looks cleaner.

There’s other features of Planoly however this is for the free version and what we use most. So give it a shot and make your Instagram pretty and #goals.

Pro hustl tip

Other than Planoly, you can use this keyboard hack (for iPhone):

  1. Go to your Settings on your iPhone > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement > Add New

  2. Phrase: type out all the hashtags for that ‘group’ (ie. #curlshoppe #curlyhair)

  3. Shortcut: make up a specific nickname for this group of hashtags (ie. #hair) The more specific your hashtags are, the better — this will save you your sanity, trust us


Let’s get sh*t done!

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