October's Update: Certified Learner (Not Lover) Boy

HustlWorks — October's Update: Certified Learner (Not Lover) Boy — Toronto, Canada —Hustleworks

We’re entrepreneurs, so talk to us nicely — Okay 2021? (lol). Kidding! Tell us that real-ish. What’s working & what’s not working. 

👋🏽 Sanjay and Natasha here, every day we hustling” *Rick Ross voice* because it’s the only way to live that work-from-anywhere (WFA) life.

The crazy part is that it’s all based on our passion and ideas, and all we want to do is help others who feel like they can’t do it (and maybe that's you). We did it and we are STILL doing it, so we’re hoping that you too are ready to make the commitment to yourself to show that the hustle works. Real-ish, there are times where we don’t want to get up and do this entrepreneur-ish to get-ish done (yes, that’s a reference to black-ish LOL & OK that was the last one 🤪)

Well, we’re here to say cut that negative talk out right now. 

We KNOW this month has been super rough for entrepreneurs, especially with Toronto going back to phase 2 lockdown because of COVID-19. Plus, Sanjay plays "Daddy Teacher" with the kids — especially now that virtual learning is mixed in! Here are a few things we’re doing that helps us through the 2020 mayhem...

Things to do for entrepreneurs stuck at home (during COVID-19)


Ignite your aspiring entrepreneur mindset by binge-watching shows. It could just be that these shows are super dramatic and hit our street smarts part of the brain, but we ain’t trying become no drug dealers out here unless building eCommerce businesses is the product (lol, sorry a little dad joke from Sanjay right there).


So, we always had this running joke that our family is similar to the black-ish family; Dre is Sanjay & Bow is Natasha (we even have our very own Ruby, but it's Natasha's mom). We've been told that our house could be a TV show anyways, so it just makes sense.


What is life without music? There were a few nights where we had to just power through while we drank a couple of cans of Red Bull. So here are 6 songs we picked this month to power through the hustle:

  1. Entrepreneur - Pharrell ft Jay-Z
  2. So Ambitious - Jay-Z
  3. Life is good - Drake for Future 
  4. Started from the Bottom - Drake
  5. Hustlin’ - Rick Ross 
  6. Grinding all my life / stucc in the grind - Nipsey Hussle 
Pro Hustl Tip: 

Instagram released a bunch of new exciting features that could set your e-commerce business account apart. Ight, here you go:

  1. Enable “branded content — Paid partnership” with your fav social influencers (brand ambassadors), or use it to promote your own business from your personal account (build that brand)
  2. Tag #eCommerce Products in your #IGTV videos 
  3. Change your Instagram chat theme colour — Chat > (i) > Theme > Colour
  4. And guess what... you can pimp out your Instagram icon now too, as an anniversary #easteregg, Instagram allowed you to change the Instagram app icon on your phone to an exclusive set of designs. How? Go to your settings, pull down from the top and celebrate 🎉 


Stay Connected

With COVID-19 putting the world to a halt, it’s hard to stay connected with your loved ones and audience. Here are some things we did that you should try too: 

  • Host family Zoom check-in's. Sanjay even celebrated his birthday via Zoom back in May!
  • Hosting (or joining) Zoom town halls. Stay engaged with what other businesses, business-owners and/or your target audience. We have been using Zoom since the pandemic started when we taught some workshops for BizStart which was super dope. 
  • Make a daily/weekly routine for yourself* (this is always the way to go, but it’s especially effective if your currently a mommy-teacher or a daddy-teacher while working on your side-hustle and possibly still at your full-time job). You need to stay connected with yourself as well and this includes personal space and putting your mental health first. Not going into work like "normal" is a total disruption to everyone's routine, but it doesn't mean you can't have routine with your new found lifestyle you have now. This is a whole post on it's own, because it truly is an important one!

Closing Thoughts

We’ll leave you with this quote that speaks to how the hustle works: 

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going" - Jim Rohn 🔋 

What truly gets you out of bed in the morning? That’s what will get you up because you’re so excited. You don’t want to waste ANY time. But if you can CONSISTENTLY execute on that motivation and get sh*t done, it becomes a HABIT. Success is built over time, and we all have the same 24hrs in a day.

"What gets you up in the morning?"

Anyways, later days and let’s keep getting sh*t done, together!

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Ps. Why does Drake have to make us wait until January 2021 for #CLB (Certified Lover Boy) to come out? He's holding out...

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