#MoveTheDial Toronto Global Summit Review

HustlWorks — #MoveTheDial Toronto Global Summit Review - Hustl Works - Toronto, Ontario


This was great opportunity to be able to partner with the 2019 #MoveTheDial Global Summit held at the Roy Thomson Hall here in Toronto. It was a jam-packed day so let’s dive in.

Some of the things we did during the day:

  • Registration, Coffee (to fuel the hustle) & Bites

  • Grabbed a copy of Go Out Of Your Way by #MoveTheDial founder, Jodi Kovitz

  • Listened in on some panels (and sat on one!)

  • Made our very own custom notebook

  • Visited most of the many different installations

So from the beginning the registration was super quick and efficient! And there was tea and coffee everywhere ALL DAY which was needed because like we said, COFFEE = HUSTL (or Tea if you’re not a coffee lover); we’ll take all the caffeine for that hustle lol! Not only was there all day coffee & tea, the food was plentiful! Lots of breakfast and after lunch treats. How could you go wrong? Oh, and the lunch was served in sustainable packaging which was definitely noted.

hustl works coffee = hustl hoodie (entrepreneur motivation)

We were super excited to grab a copy of Go Out Of Your Way by #MoveTheDial founder, Jodi Kovitz. As soon as we finish reading we’ll be sure to do a review on that too and share some of the gems! Congrats to Jodi on the launch.

The major action was in the main hall where they had the key speakers, but there were also great mini panels around the floor that you could pop into. We even saw Michelle Romanow there - we’re huge Dragon’s Den fans so this was pretty exciting.

As you walked around, there were installations everywhere like:

  • TD’s Photo hotspot next to their Café (we got a professional photo here)

  • Facebook’s floral installation (you could actually take home your own flower)

  • Bumble Bizz headshot & swag corner (we wanted to but this was a HOT spot and the line was too long)

  • Massage and wellness pod (again, another HOT spot and we only made the waitlist)

  • Custom pressed notebook by Baltic Club (we’ll dive into this more with the business owners)

Diving into the custom pressed notebook by Baltic Club, partnering with RBC... 

Co-Owners of Baltic Club at #MoveTheDial

We had an opportunity to speak with the owners themselves. Baltic Club is a Montreal based company that has been around for 5 years now. They have their own stationary line with a studio and shop in Montreal. They often do partnerships with other companies, like RBC (which is a BIG DEAL), because customization for them with their stationary is easy to do. A little entrepreneurial inspiration!

*While writing this post, we went to their site and noticed they have a planner that matches the notebook in the photo and we’re sold. Check out the Baltic Club 2020 Planner - just saying!

From listening to the panels in the MAIN room, here were some tweetable gems:

  • Only try to be YOU and no one else” - Angelica Ross (Actress)

  • It’s all about the people, process and products” - Annie Jean-Baptiste (Google)

  • Business is about the journey overtime* and NOT overnight” - Damien Hooper Campbell (eBay)

  • Different is better” - Leagh Turner (Ceridian)

We did want to jump into the workshop with Karlyn Percil but people were lined up for MORE than an hour and FULL before we even had a chance. Shoutout to you Karlyn!

That’s it and looking forward to more #MoveTheDial events :)

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