How to Get Your First Sale in Canada: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs

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Sanjay and Natasha here 👋🏾. We're going to break down the most common ways to get new customers and quickly evaluate them for impact and growth potential with in your fist 30 days. Whether you're just starting or trying to double your sales, this marketing checklist will help you quickly tackle the tasks that will have the most significant impact on increasing your sales right now.

It's tempting to dive into building your email list or creating an advertising campaign before you have a product to offer. I'm guilty of this myself—I've been so excited about a new store project that I've started putting together the in-depth guides and resources as though they already existed. Why targeted traffic is essential for new stores

Whether you're a long-time entrepreneur or just starting in side hustle or business, there's something that every new store owner needs: more customers. And when that's your goal, you have work to do.

When you take those first steps into your side hustle through an online store, you can feel pretty good. You've built a product, made sales, and seen some money come in. The next step with any new side hustle or business is to figure out how to grow it. One of the most common mistakes new online side hustle or businesses make is growing too fast. Most companies don't get out of the "marketplace traffic phase" until after they launch because they aren't willing to do the things that will help them grow. 

Starting with FREE is always the right way

In fact, real social progress occurs when you advertise on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter, instead of Google AdWords. The result is more eyeballs on your product, resulting in more sales and fewer marketing problems. 

You probably already know that you'll need to create at least a few marketing materials before you can get started promoting your store and attracting customers. Any guesses how many different pieces of marketing material a typical online store uses?

Hustle Tip #1:

We knew from the start that we needed a significant email address base if we wanted my new store to succeed. Using a service like MailChimp can be very costly, especially for a side hustle or small business. The solution? Finding an email marketing provider allows you to send high volumes of emails at low prices. Thankfully, several companies out there give you access to email list sizes up to 2,000.

What else should I be blogging about?

The traffic to your store can come from two places. First, domain reputation is a handy piece of content that people will share broadly across many sites. The type you choose to focus on (for example, one about mobile payments) depends on your industry and the potential for organic growth (higher-traffic links lead to users searching further). Such content tends to be best-optimized for SEO files uploaded as meta tags. 

Connect with your network

Your connections can help you get the word out more effectively. You can share the URL for your store on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter and ask them to share it there, and they will as long as they're friends with you. You can also send emails soliciting feedback on your products, services, or website. In an age where more people read social media than they do newspapers or magazines, appearing on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter.

Join a Discord, Reddit, Facebook group, or a community

Once you've decided upon your target market and found them on social media, post a few of your products or services in the appropriate places. Even better, find opportunities for new customers who are just as passionate about specific topics as you are. Post a link to your site on various forums such as Facebook, Reddit, and even LinkedIn Groups. It doesn't need to be the most compelling link possible, but it should entice potential customers to download the free app. The closer you get to the final product, the more persuasive your sales pitch will be.

Social Media Advertising list: You have to spend money to make money

  1. Facebook advertising 
  2. Instagram advertising 
  3. TikTok advertising
  4. Google Ads
  5. Pinterest advertising

Hustle Tip #2:

E-commerce websites create content online to drive traffic back to their store. Obvious right? Now, for the sake of this post, I'm not talking about paid PPC or search engine optimization. Those are just two of the many ways we can drive targeted traffic. 

Get out there, create, learn, build and grow

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to this. Exploring, trying, failing, and improving is the only way to find out what works for you. So get your store out there because it's the only way to grow. And if you're still struggling, check out our guide on how to diagnose and improve your store if you're driving traffic but no sales.

Hustle Tip #3:

Through strategic promotion, your side hustle or business can target the people who are most likely to buy from you. 


You've got all these ideas for products and services. Here you are busy thinking about what's coming next to pay attention to any old nagging in the back of your mind. Driving traffic is all about connecting the dots between your brand and your buyers in a world of ever-growing possibilities. That's partly what makes marketing so overwhelming—the fact that there are just so many opportunities out there. No matter how good a salesperson you think you are, no matter how many people buy from you, it takes someone else—someone who sees your value in what you offer and sees potential in what you're offering—to convert the invisible into visible.


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