#imakealiving Toronto Event Review

Hustl Works — #imakealiving Toronto Event Review — Lisa Campbell, Mina Gerges, Ashley Mckenzie, Steve Ballantyne — Hustlworks -  Toronto, CanadaToronto, Canada

We were lucky to stumble upon an open invite to the #imakealiving event hosted by FreshBooks and sponsored by Wealth Simple here in Toronto. We love events like this that are free yet provide a great learning and networking experience!

The venue (The Symes) was filled with eager entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds. There were lots of complimentary perks:

  • Design book: Creative Spaces (Founders of POKETO)

  • Headshots (because it’s ALWAYS good to have)

  • Drinks (yes to wine 🍷)

  • Snacks and samples of COLD BREWED TEA (from Station Cold Brew)

  • FreshBooks swag (mini plant pot with seeds, cellphone pop-stand, AirPods silicone cover — which unfortunately didn’t stand a chance lol)

  • WealthSimple Magazine

  • 2 months free for FreshBooks *excited for this*

But the real prize of the event was the panel. There were 4 panelists that each had something very different to offer:

  • Lisa Campbell

  • Mina Gerges

  • Ashley Mckenzie

  • Steve Ballantyne

Tweets were firing off so much, the phone died. So why not share some insights. The theme of the night seemed to be around how to drive innovation by collaborating, looking at what others are doing, and building on that within our very own city of Toronto.

Lisa was right on the green (both money and cannabis) when she decided to get into the cannabis space early on. Especially being a woman in the industry!

Mina had a great story on how he got started through social media and pushing his brand by driving innovation via reaction. He was unconventional and knew that he was different, and he CHOSE to be different. Choose to be different so you can make an impact. The story he was telling reached thousands (now 100,000 and counting as per his Instagram account). But he was able to put himself in a position to change someone’s life and that’s what really mattered to him. And as he said, remember that the # of followers doesn’t mean sh*t, so just be nice.

Steve was dropping gems all night, reflecting on the hardships of being an entrepreneur and what he learned on his travels. He said “running out of money sucks” - but where’s the lie? LOL. Keep an eye on the cash flow; did we mention our course shows you how to keep your finances on point?

Ashley had a great view of the 9-5 being a means to get paid to learn! Think about it, if your full-time job is something that you’re passionate in and you can continuously learn from it, why not use it to learn AND get paid? Of course until you can make your own living working on yoru own passion 24/7. Currency, time, value… it’s all part of the hustle!

And when we thought it was over, there was so much more insight that came from the Q&A session. As entrepreneurs, we need to promote and partner with each other to help build the community. There is so much culture and diversity in Toronto, how can we not work to keep the talent and foster that environment? Know your value when you partner with someone, and try to find a partner where you compliment each other and are both willing to take a chance on each other — take more risks!

Let’s get sh*t done, together.

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