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How to write a mission statement - Hustl Works

The way to write a mission statement is to sit down and start writing. Don't over-think it; the first thing that pops into your head is probably the right thing. That's not a platitude--it's an important point, so I'll say it again: The first thing that appears into your head is probably the right thing. 

You need someone to say something that other people will remember, even if they spent only five seconds thinking about it. And in those five seconds, you need them to know what kind of online business or side hustle you are doing and what you are trying to do. And you want them to feel good about this online business or side hustle because maybe they'll invest in it or buy its products or recommend it as a place to work. 

  • What does your online business or side hustle do? 
  • What is your product? 
  • Who are your customers? 
  • Why do you care about them? 

What do you want them to feel when they think about your online business or side hustle? Once, I worked for a software online business or side hustle whose mission statement was "to make great software." Great software! At first, I thought they were being ironic. But then I realized they weren't kidding at all—they wanted their software to be great. They wanted their customers to look at their product and say, "Wow!

What is a mission statement?

A mission statement is a short, memorable phrase that describes the purpose of your business. Mission statements can be very helpful in keeping everyone on the same page. However, you should not just have one mission statement; you should have many. 

There are three reasons for this: 

  1. Changing circumstances require a changing mission. 
  2. It isn't easy to write a good mission statement. If you try for one, you will probably do a better job than if you try for three. 
  3. Whatever you choose as your primary mission will probably change over time as your online business or side hustle grows and changes — if it does not, you should fire yourself and hire new management.
Hustl Works -How to write a mission statement - Hustlworks

A Mission Statement should not include: 

  • A detailed description of the business 
  • Product or service names
  • Fees, prices or other financial data 

Essential or specific reference to target customers A Mission Statement can include: 

  • Company philosophy, practices and policies.
  • Core values and principles that guide the business decisions and actions.

Examples of famous mission statements

Famous mission statements like "Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful" are not necessarily inspiring. But they have the benefit of being true.

Mission Statement: "To make people smile!" 

  • "Our mission is to make people happy in their work so that they can be happy in their lives." 
  • "An organization's culture is defined by how people behave when they think nobody is watching." 
  • "I'd like Apple to be like Disney … where we don't make any money, but we

Why are mission statements important?

A mission statement is a written declaration of your online business or side hustle's reason for existing. It describes what your business is trying to accomplish and why. But why does it matter? 

There are many reasons to have a mission statement. One of the most important and best-known reasons is that it helps your employees understand your organization's goals. They can then strive towards those goals and know if they achieve them. 

The goals may be quite specific ("Make the best toothpaste"), or they may be more abstract ("Provide the highest quality dental care possible"). The specific goals help you measure success and identify weaknesses, while the more abstract ones give you the freedom to change direction as necessary to achieve the most important goal. 

An effective mission statement will be a guiding light throughout times of change, keeping your online business or side hustle focused on its long-term goals rather than just reacting emotionally or superficially to daily developments."

What to include in your mission statement?

You need a mission statement because it gives you clarity about what you're doing. It doesn't have to be complicated, specific, perfectly phrased, or even true. It's just a tool to prevent you from wasting time.

Telling everyone your mission statement is not as useful as just having one. 

If you don't have a mission statement yet, try writing one for an activity that does not work and does not involve other people: walking to the store, for example. Then use this exercise to make your mission statement better.

To develop your mission statement, ask yourself questions like these: What do I want to accomplish? 

  • What am I good at? 
  • What do other people value that I can provide? 
  • How does what I'm doing now fit into my mission? 
  • How can I make my work more valuable? 
  • How can I be happier when I'm working on this? 

As you make your way through these questions, you may find that the next question is: How can I solve a problem that matters to me?

Mission statement vs Vision statement?

A mission statement describes what a company or organization does now; it's an inventory. 

A vision statement describes where you want to go. It's a map. A mission statement is supposed to be short and easy to understand. So it can't address the future because you don't know what the future holds. For example, Coca-Cola's mission statement is: "To refresh the world." Someone asked them, "But what if everyone in the world is already refreshed?" They replied, "That would be awesome! But we have our soda backup plan." 

A vision statement can be long and complicated, as long as it's clear that it's not complete or detailed. But a vision has to stand for something real. You can't just make up something random, like declaring that your vision is to become the best insurance company in America by 2040 -- unless you expect people will laugh and say, "Yeah, right."

The key thing about a vision is that it should be inspiring; it should give people hope and make them feel good about working there. So if you're thinking of changing your company's vision statement, make sure everyone understands why they're doing this. 

Vision statement examples

Let's look at some examples of vision statements that work: 

  • "We will be the leading provider of web services." (Microsoft) 
  • "We will be the most loved brand in India." (Nokia) 
  • "We will revolutionize health care." (Google) 

You can also see examples of vision statements that do not work when you read about the objectives of companies like Kodak, Atari or Sears.

How to bypass the pitfalls of mission statements

There are many pitfalls to avoid when creating a mission statement. Unfortunately, many companies set out to explain their goals and objectives in this manner but find themselves at a loss for words. 

The following tips may help you to write an effective mission statement. Clarity is essential in a mission statement. A company's mission should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. This will prevent any confusion or misinterpretation in the future. Any ambiguities or vague language should be removed before completing the mission statement to avoid any trouble down the road. One way to ensure clarity is to keep the length of your mission statement short and sweet. 

A brief statement can be much easier to understand than a long rambling one lacking focus and direction. Don't be afraid of cutting extraneous words or phrases from your mission statement; it will only make it stronger and more effective if you do so. The effectiveness of your mission statement will depend heavily on those who will be required to carry it out after its creation. 

Ensure that your staff understands and supports it before sending it out into the world for all eyes to see. Creating a mission statement can take a lot of time and effort, but it is well worth the investment for any business that wants to prosper in today's competition.


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