How to Post on IGTV: December 2019 Update

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We thought IGTV was gone and almost panicked… until we went to post a photo instead and bam, there it was.

Wondering “where did the IGTV icon go on Instagram?” and how to post on IGTV with the new update December 2019 by Instagram because the IGTV icon is now gone at the top of the home page? The way to post properly on Instagram’s IGTV is a little more intuitive by allowing you to post to IGTV automatically if the video is at least one minute long (same standards).

Before it was quite frustrating posting because the “preview” of both the video itself and the cover photo greatly squished the actual video (if you shot it vertically) which made it look weird on your feed. But now, you get to setup the feed preview so it looks better on your profile!

How to post on IGTV (less than 10 steps)

  1. Open the Instagram app, and tap on the [+] posting icon on the Home page

  2. Find the video you want to post, and tap on “Long Video” to share the full-length video to your IGTV

  3. Choose your cover photo by tapping on a specific point in your video, or tap on “[+] Add from Camera Roll” for a picture you’d like to use instead

  4. Type your caption which is your title and description of the video (it’ll join together as a whole caption when on your feed)

  5. Optional: Add to Series (pretty much you can categorize your videos)

  6. MAKE SURE “Post a Preview” is enabled (blue bar)

  7. Double-check your post by tapping on “Edit Preview” and/or “Edit Profile Cover” (this is the old way of editing the preview, but they kept these settings available in the update)

  8. Tap on “Post” in the top-right corner and you’re live!

And there you have it, all ready to keep pumping out content for your social media to drive more traffic to your Instagram!

Let's get sh*t done!

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