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How to make your side hustle work is a question I get asked all the time. Side hustles are essentially a way for people to make money on the side of their main job without giving up their lifestyle or committing fully to any one method. For example, we've been running our own work-from-home online side hustle for years now, renting out a small room on Airbnb, and selling handcrafted items on Amazon for over a decade now —all without giving up my day job. We've learned so much from doing these different ventures that we decided to write this guide on making the best use of your side hustle income to get more firmed up about planning out your next career change.

As more Canadians turn to the freelance economy to supplement their income, there has been a rise in many people running multiple side hustles. Because everyone has something they want to do, whether selling handcrafted items on an online market or working for someone else, there is great interest in learning how others make money from home. The information shared in this blog post will help you determine if there is potential for earning money from doing what you already know how to do.

Side hustles have become a hot topic in recent years. As the number of independent entrepreneurs has grown, so has the number of people looking for ways to supplement their income. Unfortunately, not every person is cut out for entrepreneurship, and not every idea can be turned into a business. Yet, when presented with an opportunity that presents itself without much time or resource restraints, many people fall into the side hustle category. Side hustles can provide income on the side of your regular job if you have the dedication and desire to work hard and learn new skills.

The idea of being a "side hustle" often conjures up thoughts of people knocking off-hours at odd jobs to earn pocket money. But in reality, it can mean anything from working an extra job to doing the occasional clerical or sales job to putting in extra hours at home to make ends meet if you already have a full-time job. In other words, there's no hard and fast definition, but there are some important things to consider when deciding which type of job running will be for you.

What differentiates these careers from other similar positions? 

First off, making a side hustle work takes more than just having the will to work. It takes good planning, as well as the right connections and tools. Getting started in any side hustle will require some sacrifice. You will probably work less than someone who works full time in a corporate environment and takes care of themselves and their families. Your side hustle will likely find you working late hours and weekends because it requires so much time and energy from you. Making a side hustle work will require sacrifices, both small and large. It may not be possible at first. The best way to make a side hustle work is to make it as enjoyable as possible while ensuring that, no matter what your lifestyle, you always have something that makes it possible: time.

How does one become a Lyft driver?

Simple: Get behind the wheel of one of the thousands of vehicles that have been flagged as available for hire by passengers who have ruled out traditional taxi services. Once you have arrived at your destination and clocked in at your chosen location, ask the driver to suggest a ride with your preferred payment method. Lyft drivers greet passengers with friendly greetings and request that they give them a few extra twenties - if they are interested in making money rather than just making contact with passengers, this is a great way to up your chances of being accepted.

A side hustle is most often a side hustle of some kind

Whether it's writing blog articles, applying to jobs, or running a Facebook group — any creative endeavour where you are using your creativity to generate income in exchange for some extra freedom — if it fits into your overall plan of escape, then a side hustle is an option that you should consider. Learning how to make your side hustle work will help you get out of debt and save money in the long run. The specifics might vary depending on the type of side hustle you're trying to get into, but in general, it comes down to hard work, commitment, communication, and keeping track of your progress.

All you need to do to start a side hustle is find some clients who need your services and offer your services on an hourly or monthly basis

You do not need to have any other hustle on your plate simultaneously as your freelance side hustle. However, if you choose to do so, make sure that you are doing the best you can to make both your hustle and your full-time living. Failure to accomplish this task can significantly harm your chances of success with either freelance business or side hustle.

There are many benefits of starting a side hustle. Starting something from scratch gives you the freedom to work on your own schedule, without the overheads of being employed full time. You also have the freedom to experiment with new skills and find ways to earn more money. Starting your own business becomes possible when there are appropriate resources at your disposal. There is usually a systematic way someone can become a successful side hustle owner. These resources include booksblogspodcasts, and online communities.

Choosing Your Side Hustle

In the past, the only way to earn money for your side hustle was to quit your job and start working on it full time. However, this year, there are numerous choices for those who wish to earn income in various fields without giving up their day jobs. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else—or prefer the flexibility of working from home and having flexibility in choosing your own schedule—there are many different paths available. Below is a list of the best side hustles based on our research.

The characteristics and motives for working for yourself can be beneficial or detrimental depending on how you see your life-changing. Most people work for themselves out of necessity, but some are doing it for a reason. Pursuing a side hustle can provide an outlet for self-discovery and creativity. The work can be enjoyable and challenging. And if done right, it can lead to increased income and a boost in self-confidence.

There are two reasons one might want to work for themselves. The first is a desire for autonomy. For example, many workers feel that they should take care of their own finances because they are passive participants in society, helpless to stop bad companies from getting ahead in their careers without putting in long hours and sweat equity. On the other hand, many work because they enjoy it and have found a way to make money that they love. In either case, working for oneself offers a unique set of challenges that ideally will be addressed by exploring a side hustle.

Side hustles can be either full-time or part-time. The main difference between a full-time job and a side hustle is how you define success. If you rely solely on your side hustle for income, you will fail. Because it is such a new concept, it's difficult for most people to know exactly how much money they need to make to succeed as a side hustle. The only sure-fire way to figure out if it's worth doing is to start doing it and see how it works for you.

Features of side hustling 

Side hustles can take many forms. Some involve doing the marketing for your business. Some manage your relationships with suppliers and clients. Some find ways of getting people to do your tasks for you, so you don't have to. Regardless of the side hustle, you engage in. Some features will make it more successful. These will help you grow as a person and business, ensuring that any rewards or earnings you generate are more than just a bonus. There's a well-known saying that goes, "If at first, you don't succeed, try again until you do." This saying inspired me to start down this path of entrepreneurship

Motivation for pursuing a side hustle

Entrepreneurs are motivated to pursue their side hustle by perceived gains in their income. We found that side hustlers who perceived high earnings were more likely to pursue the activity, even when controlling for other variables such as age, race/ethnicity, education, and geographic location. Furthermore, when we examined the motivations behind side hustles, we found that business owners, in particular, viewed this behaviour to improve their financial health and lifestyle compared to retirees and those who prioritize leisure time.

When we tried to answer this question, we found two reasons most people pursue side hustles. The first reason is to increase their income. This is often the case for individuals who are undereducated or less educated. Money is a motivator because it can help them buy the things they want. The other reason most individuals pursue side hustles is to increase their status or perceived value. There is often an element of social pressure to pursue side hustles because there are social benefits associated with doing so. This becomes especially true for individuals who feel as if they have no other options for increasing their income, such as those who live in poverty or have been underemployed for long periods.

Building Your Side Hustle

Building your side hustle is no easy task. It would help if you had many things to go right: good timing, good timing, good communication, access to capital, a knack for starting and running something big... The day you realize you've got something big in the works is the best day ever. If you're serious about building a successful side hustle, however, the process can be frustrating and disorganized. Just because you decide you want to start a side hustle doesn't mean you'll get there on time. (Hence the point of having a date, or at least an idea of when you want to do something.) Being organized and having good self-motivation can take months, even years, to achieve.

The balancing act side hustle and full-time work

There is much more flexibility in choosing how to spend your time when you have a side hustle. With a full-time job, you often have to choose between working and sleeping. You are forced to prioritize certain tasks and activities to ensure that energy levels are maintained at an optimal level. On the other hand, if you have a side hustle, you can make it happen wherever you want. You can set up sleep schedules so that you are awake when your primary job is in session (this can be difficult if working from home is not an option). 

The balancing act of having both a full-time job and a side hustle can be difficult. No doubt working from home has its benefits. You can set your own schedule, order your own meals, and even do some of the shopping yourself. However, there are drawbacks to having a side hustle. For one, you're still responsible for all of your expenses, whether they are day-to-day or long-term. That means if the market tanks or if you end up with a flat income, you could end up owing money to people who helped you in the beginning.

Managing your well-being 

Managing your well-being is important. Some examples are lowering your stress level, eating well, exercising regularly, and buying gifts for yourself that will help boost your self-esteem and boost your motivation. As you build or grow your side hustle, it will become more challenging to manage these things as time goes by. The more successful your freelancing business becomes, the more time your responsibilities will quadruple. As you spend more time managing your business side hustle, you will notice yourself getting less enjoyment from it. 

The best way to manage your well-being is to avoid working at all times when you are feeling unwell. This will help prevent you from losing motivation and hitting the buffers between work and rest times. If you've recently started a side hustle, it may be helpful to set aside some time each week for self-care. Set an appointment with yourself when you feel up to it (these could be things like: a walk in the woods, singing in the shower, or even just a chat online). Upon waking up, set down whatever task you were working on that day and divert your attention elsewhere — likely something non-side-hustle-related.

To maintain motivation in your side hustle, set aside some time each week for it. Maybe it could be during lunch or at the end of work – whatever works for you. When you set aside time for your side hustle, you aren't forcing yourself to work overtime. Nor are you depriving yourself of extra income by working from home. Instead, by taking small steps toward managing your well-being each week, you maintain a positive attitude about working on your side hustle — and are more likely to stick with it when it feels like it's taking more from you than it's worth.


If you're ready to make a change in your life and make some money along the way, here are some ways you can do it. Tapping into the side hustle movement requires little more than an entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to take risks — but there are some very important things you should know if you want to succeed. In this article, we'll take you through the steps of starting your own side hustle and sharing your experience along the way so that anyone can learn from your experiences.

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