How to get the most out of your MailChimp subscribers

How to get the most out of your MailChimp subscribers — Hustl Works - Toronto, Canada

So we all know how important having a mailing list is, and if you didn’t know, here’s a quick recap:

  • Direct communication that allows specific targeting

  • If any social media app (like Instagram) goes down, you still have a way to reach your customers

Organizing your mailing list

But in order to work smarter, you should organize your subscribers using:

  • Groups (separate)

  • Segments (filter)

  • Tags (data)

This allows you to further deep dive into your statistics to send specific emails to certain subscribers, based off of their interests or interactions they’ve had with your business. So how do you know what to use for who, we’ll give you the best options for you to optimize your subscribers to get paid using MailChimp. 


A group is a separate list used to split the subscribers in your audience. You would use this if you want to split your list into definitive groups, for example, you have subscribers interested in the apparel you sell, and other subscribers interested in the digital products you sell. This avoids having to duplicate the contacts you have and manage only 1 list, even with using different objectives. Get started with groups on MailChimp.


A segment is a way to filter subscribers based off of information or actions they take aka conditions. Segments really let’s you drill-down into all the data you have available to you when it comes to your subscribers. For example, you can segment subscribers based on the last time they purchased from you, how often they open your emails, etc. Get started with segments on MailChimp.


A tag is a label you would add to a subscriber to add more details based on the data you know about them. For example, if you know a subscriber signed up on Instagram, you can tag them with “Instagram”. Or if you gained a lot of subscribers based off an in-person event, you can tag them with that event name. There are endless opportunities with using tags. Get started with tags on MailChimp.

Using your organized subscriber list

Once you’ve put in all the work to get the most out of your subscribers, create campaigns (aka emails) and let's get paid!

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