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👋🏾, Sanjay and Natasha here; we get this question a lot, How long do AliExpress orders take to ship to Canada… We can not know when your order will arrive, but we have gained some experience on this subject and want to share our knowledge with you in these years. We will explain which orders take longer and how long it takes on average for an AliExpress package to arrive in Canada.

Shipping to Canada can be an issue. You have to factor in all of your different products and then consider the weight of your shipment. If you order from an AliExpress shop, you will have a tracking number because the shipping cost already covers this. But what about if you order from another place? If you don't have a way to connect with the shop on AliExpress, how do you know if your order is on time? This is where the tracking number comes into play. You need to know if your package has arrived at its destination as reported by the tracking number. It is best to keep track of these details so that you don't have to worry about getting your items once they are out of stock.

Processing and shipping time in AliExpress

Many of you will be buying goods with AliExpress, specifically for cheap. However, before you make a purchase, you need to know how shipping works on this famous website. First of all, the buyer needs to fill in the form to provide us with information about the product he wants and where will he/she ship it to. However, AliExpress will only ship to countries with an order processing time of at least 5 working days (Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Greece) plus an additional 5 working days for some shipments. So, for example, once you finish shopping on AliExpress, you may have to wait a week before the goods arrive at your destination.

Shipping can be one of the most annoying things if you have an order to ship. AliExpress has a feature where you can track and keep an eye on your package's progress. When you place an Order, you get a notification via email, and when the seller confirms that their service is ready, they will start preparing your package. They may even begin unpacking and pulling out part of it to check for any damages that may spoil the entire batch inside the box. During this process, you will be able to see the progress of your product for up to 24 hours. Anyone who has had problems with packages arriving on time will know how annoying this can be. So, if you plan on placing an order on AliExpress and you're in Canada, it is crucial that you know how long it will take for your goods to arrive.

It's the same with AliExpress. Once you verify your order and pay with your credit card, the seller prepares your package for shipment. He will check if there are any changes in your order and contact you if anything needs to be done. During this period, AliExpress will send the seller notifications, telling him what your order consists of, how much it is, and what shipping method you chose (two options: standard mail or registered mail). You can also contact the seller by email or leave comments on their Facebook page if you'd like.

Shipping is a serious matter as you may get it delayed, an unexpected bill, etc. Whenever we start working on an order, we will guarantee that it will be delivered on time. However, a buyer doesn't need to pay for delayed shipping. If you didn't buy something on time, your money should be refunded automatically through the same payment method which you used to purchase the item in the first place. But if your item got delayed and you complain about it on the seller's Facebook page, it won't help you much if they say it is their responsibility as it is their job to deliver the product on time.

How long does AliExpress take to ship to Canada | hustlworks | Toronto, Canada

How long does it take for AliExpress parcels to arrive?

Shipping time is a crucial factor in buying AliExpress products. There are three shipping methods: airmail, sea mail, or parcel post. When you select "any shipping method, AliExpress will choose one according to their criteria: whether it's faster, safer, or costs less. For example, when selecting sea mail for packages from Canada, most packages will reach their destination within 10 days. However, because some countries have strict regulations about drugs and certain things, it can take up to 20 days for some locations in Europe. In Africa, there are often long delays due to security or customs issues. 

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Shipping Method

Let's mention that there are many shipping methods, but mostly we can differentiate between those sent by private courier (Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, UPS…) and the rest. If you have bought a product sent by a private courier, your package will arrive in record time, but you may have to pay customs charges, which happens most of the time. Moreover, private couriers usually cannot deliver packages with the insurance inside. If your parcel has no insurance, then private couriers will not let you know: they will do everything possible to find out what problem you have and find a solution for it. This might be helpful if you need your product urgently but cannot wait for regular shipments.

Consider these when order from AliExpress Canada (shipping):

  • Ordinary (untracked) shipments may take 20 to 60 days to arrive.
  • Certified shipments (with tracking) may take approximately 20 to 45 days to arrive. AliExpress Standard Shipping functions as certified shipping with tracking.
  • Private courier shipments can take 5-10 days to arrive, but the cost of shipping is high, and customs is almost always paid. A private courier handles AliExpress Premium Shipping.

Country of Destination

Shipping can be one of the most complex things to figure out. With AliExpress, you can avoid what seems like an endless amount of steps and click through a  few menus. Along with the fact that ships usually leave within 48 hours of receiving payment, travellers can significantly reduce their stress. Unfortunately, some countries have much longer delivery times than others; for example, if you order a product in India, you should expect it to arrive around 3 months after ordering. For the rest of us, shipping times will be pretty similar no matter which shipping method you choose: 1-2 weeks for standard shipping plus 2-3 weeks for express shipping. So with this information in mind, go ahead and pick your preferred shipping method. 

Time of year

During peak sales periods, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, you may experience problems with your orders because of an incredible increase. When there are many orders at around the same time, your order may take longer than expected.

During peak seasons, when many people are buying from your company, it's possible that shipping may take longer because your products are selling at a higher volume. During the holidays and other significant online sales events, the shipping number of orders can slow down customer service. When there are the most orders, it may be slower.


It would help if you considered China's national holidays when the whole country celebrates. For example, the Chinese New Year, which China celebrates national holidays that can impact the delivery time of your order. 


  • Does Aliexpress ship to Canada? Yes
  • How long does it take for AliExpress to ship to Canada? Varies, depends on vendor, time of year, etc. 
  • Who delivers for AliExpress in Canada? ColisExpat
  • Is AliExpress safe to buy from? Yes, we've had amazing experience, the most important thing to keep in mind is to do your research before purchasing. 

P.s: If you want more information and on going updates check out AliExpress Reddit

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