How iPhone 11 Pro can make an entrepreneur’s life easy

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When you are an entrepreneur, your iPhone is a PRIME tool to maximize efficiency on your side hustle journey. Your iPhone becomes a central part of your business, from using it to sign documents, product photography, social media promotions and connecting with your community.


Why you need this new iPhone 11 Pro in your life:

  • Quality Pictures Content (Pro hustl tip: Night Mode allows you to shoot in low light situation - no need for flash)

  • Quality Video Content (Pro hustl tip: When you zoom in, the audio zooms in too)

  • Longer battery life (Pro hustl tip: All-day battery life. And fast-charge capability, so you can recharge in less time)



The iPhone 11 Pro presents 3 new camera features that give you an edge for photography whether its for products or selfies. Create engaging content with the transformative triple-camera system. You can take beautiful imagery for the ‘Gram, even in dimly lit restaurants to moonlit beaches, the new Night mode uses intelligent software and A13 Bionic to deliver low‑light shots. Video capabilities on the iPhone 11 Pro are also among the best on the market, with the 4K recording at 60 fps, fluid images.

“When you just can’t squeeze everything into the frame, zoom out; the new Ultra-Wide camera captures 4x more scene than ever. It’s like stepping back — way back — without taking a step. Bring on those mountain ranges, soaring cathedrals, and iconic skylines.”


Let’s look at some camera tech specs:

  • Ultra-wide Camera: 13 mm focal length ƒ/2.4 aperture 5-element lens 120° field of view 4x more scene 12MP sensor.

  • Wide Camera: 26 mm focal length ƒ/1.8 aperture 6-element lens Optical image stabilization 100% Focus Pixels New 12MP sensor.

  • Telephoto Camera: 52 mm focal length Larger ƒ/2.0 aperture 6-element lens Optical image stabilization 2x optical zoom 12MP sensor.


As an entrepreneur, having a tool that has a direct impact on the quality of promotion assets for your business is essential. The iPhone 11 Pro does not disappoint when it comes the camera upgrades. Pro hustl tip: We suggest waiting a few weeks before grabbing one, so Apple can add some bug fixes to iOS 13. Tag #hustlworks to let us know if you get an iPhone 11 Pro and how you like it!


Let’s get sh*t done!

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