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Your Instagram bio is PRIME real-estate. You only get 1 link to put there and it’s a lot of pressure. As a personal Instagram page you could put just your blog link or simply nothing at all. But this is business and we’re trying to get you paid so we have to be strategic with this one! Of course you can simply just put your website URL but what if you have other exciting things you want to share with your audience?


...the list could go on.

Linktree is a free app that allows you to turn your 1 bio link in your Instagram into a multi-link menu!

One of our friends @ClarendonCo was using his Instagram bio link for his YouTube page where he hosts his video Podcast “Business Is Pleasure”. So we asked him “why don’t you use Linktree so you can have your website link so people can shop AND then also go to your YouTube?”. He didn’t even know it was a thing. In less than 5 mins he told us he had setup his Linktree bio and it was that easy.

We’re gonna make this easy for you too

  1. Go to & sign up for free

  2. Connect and authorize your Instagram account

    (Either login or just authorize if you’re already logged into your business Instagram somewhere on the web)

  3. Confirm your name and email & continue with the free plan

  4. DONE! Now all you have to do is decide which links to put up and the aesthetics.

We’d suggest having no more than 4 links so people won’t have to scroll and you see everything in a first glance. Just add a new button/link for each one you want to put up and have a short title for each. You can drag and drop each of the links in the order you want. Then the last step is to change your colour in the settings (not many options at all for the free plan, so probably stick to white/black)!


Pro hustl tip

Upgrade to the pro plan for $6/month and this is where you really get to have fun with your settings! CurlShoppe uses this and it’s worth it for the branding:

  1. Add a cute description before the links start

  2. Change the colours, font and button styles to best match your brand

  3. Add social icons

  4. Hide the Linktree branding logo**


Let’s get sh*t done!

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