Entrepreneur Personality Quiz: Founder Signs

Entrepreneur Personality Quiz: Founder Signs

Can anyone be an entrepreneur?

Let's start with a simple question: Can anyone be an entrepreneur? The answer is "yes." Anybody can be an entrepreneur at any time, in any place, and within any culture. There are no exceptions. I don't care if you're 16 or 65 years old. Entrepreneurial thinking is available to everyone.

If you like Myers Briggs personality, then you're going to love entrepreneur personality types estp quiz. When it comes to starting your own business or side hustle and becoming a founder, there are certain qualities that determines what kind of entrepreneur personality you are, and those are:

Founder Signs

Founders tend to fall into 1 of 5 entrepreneurial personality types: the growth-minded Mountaineer, the passionate Trailblazer, the always-prepared Cartographer, the risk-taking Firestarter, and the steady Outsider.

Entrepreneur Founder Quiz

Entrepreneur Quiz: Who should take it?

Entrepreneur Personality Quiz is a free, fun and interactive quiz that will give you an overview of your entrepreneurial personality and help you determine if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Take the quiz below (and if you already did, jump to the results)

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Entrepreneur Founder Signs

Now that you've taken the quiz, here are the results...

The Cartographer

The Cartographer | Hustl Works

You're always prepared with a keen attention to detail, especially when planning! All about careful planning, risk analysis, and testing things over and over until everything’s perfect (building a business or side hustle MIGHT just take a while, but for good reason). Try to keep *JOY* top of mind to ensure you're still passionate in the business as getting too much into the details could very well take the joy out of something.

You tend to tend to stay solo (in order to have control of everything), so it's a good thing that it's easy for you to stay accountable with own motivation. You could be a great mentor, and have a greater network, if you were more open. You need collaboration and people management for growth (no one is THAT good to do everything on their own). Your biggest stress? When things don't go as plannedYou're not the best at dealing with risk, but you're willing to try.

Your best business or side hustle match? Handmade goods and online learning digital products.

Your entrepreneur animal match? A Beaver (you're a builder just like them and love a good DIY project).

The Trailblazer

Entrepreneurial type - The Trailblazer

You're motivated most by passion (creativity is your middle name) and are a natural-born leader. A calculated risk-taker (you'll try your hand at experimenting) and good at finding and creating niches. You go all-in on an idea and you make sure to see it through to completion.

You're an extravert with enough social skills and passion to attract everyone around you. Although you're a BIG IDEA kind of person, it never hurts to rely on mentors or peers for different opinions (and most of the time make your ideas even better). Use data and market research to support your ideas and always stay open to change. 

Your best business or side hustle match? Anything to do with fashion & beauty, health/fitness & lifestyle, curated/subscription boxes or services, coaching, and consulting.

Your entrepreneur animal match? A Sea Otter (you're thick-skinned just like them). 

The Outsider

Entrepreneur type - The Outsider

You're highly skilled in craftsmanship and like to operate solo (you're a classic Introvert). You are always trying to get sh*t done and tend to be more serious than playful. You can be resistant to change (nothing wrong in liking consistency), however it's good to push comfort levels so you don't become complacent.

It's good for you to prepare for avoiding stress from surprises; always try to have a Plan B. Focus on learning to de-stress (self-care is important here as "Health is Wealth"). You can sometimes be seen as disagreeable and close-minded, but no one is perfect (so always be open to feedback — it will only make you better). Try to slowly build a team (starting with a virtual assistant) to avoid burnout.

Your best business or side hustle match? Creative services (photography, design & unique crafts).

Your entrepreneur animal match? An Owl (you're quiet and observant just like them). 

The Mountaineer

Entrepreneur type - The Mountaineer

You're determined and relentless, spontaneous and overachieving. You're ready to execute the hard work needed to lay the groundwork needed for a business or side hustle. You're naturally social, and thrive in groups where there are collective ideas. This shows in your can-do attitude, vision, innovation, and growth mindset.

You tend to be quite stubborn (when someone challenges you), however use data and tangible evidence to back up your ideas. And when you're willing to take the risk, you do it with high optimism, but it can be hard for you to accept failure. DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU. Let us be the first to tell you that failure is all part of the process!

Your best business or side hustle match? Print-On-Demand (POD), influencing (working with brands), apparel and accessories.

Your entrepreneur animal match? A Lion (you strive for status and rarely challenged). 

The Firestarter

Entrepreneur type - The Firestarter

You're a risk-taker; not too concerned with the long term and considered a true rebel (where failure truly doesn't bother you). You're so extraverted that you own the room when you walk in. As a serial entrepreneur, you're always looking for opportunities (no small talk). A master at juggling multiple revenue streams (aka side hustles), so automation should be your best friend.

Although a pretty efficient solopreneur, building a solid network can only make you stronger. One of the best skills you can work on is becoming a better collaborator and listener. You're also prone to burn out, so remember to keep your feelings in check and practice self-care daily so, enjoy the moment. 

Your best business or side hustle match? Dropshipping and print-on-demand personal businesses. Focus on trends: product trends, pop culture trends, tech trends, Google search trends (ie. fitness, tech & collectibles).

Your entrepreneur animal match? A Raccoon (you do whatever it takes to get what they want; assertive, opportunistic, and brave).

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