8 Productivity Tips For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

8 Productivity Tips For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

These 8 tips will help you remain focused on your entrepreneurial journey no matter where you choose to work. You may have dreams of working from the beach or in a coffee shop, but keeping focused on your goals requires overcoming those distractions. Unfortunately, distraction is inevitable when living your life on your terms.

To be successful, learning how to navigate these distractions and focus on what matters. For some, working from home sounds great. For others, it could mean putting their family's needs before their own. No matter where you choose to work — keep these habits in mind. Here are 8 productivity tips we have learned over the years that will help you get back on track and realize your business goals:

8 Productivity Tips For Your Entrepreneurial Journey

1. Set a schedule and stick to it

Sticking to a schedule for work is important. Our society has taught us that 8 hours is the magic hour for work. It's what we were socialized to do, and it's how most people view their workweek. But it can be limiting. If you want the best results from your work, limit your hours. Set a schedule for work hours that works for you. Then, when you get the chance to work from home, stick to it. You'll have more energy for work and less distraction from work (especially at first).

2. Make time for yourself before you start your workday

To get the most out of your days off:

  1. Make time for yourself.
  2. Write down two things you want to do, one thing you'd like to buy, and something that triggers happy feelings in you.
  3. Write down the names of three people who inspire you.
  4. Schedule a meeting with one of them before you go to work.
  5. Challenge yourself with some playful fun.

Being productive is about being in a flow state, so make time for that.

3. Don't watch TV unless you're doing mundane tasks

Let us explain: When we first get into a new environment, typically, we find ourselves checking our computer or mobile phone at the same time. This is both inefficient and difficult to stop. So we set aside time in our schedule where we don't do anything requiring a laptop or mobile phone access (except maybe when we have a meeting or need to look something up online). Then, during these breaks, we watch TV or go on YouTube or chat on Facebook.

4. Create a productive atmosphere

  • Music helps relax your body and mind, giving you an advantage when you are working. In addition, it helps you focus on what you are doing, making it more likely that you will accomplish your tasks on time. There is a significant correlation between listening to music during the workday and being more productive.  
  • A pleasant office environment can lead to better performance and decreased stress, two things that can make you happier and more productive. How can you create this atmosphere at your job? It's really simple.

Before you start finding productive places to work from home, you need to ensure you have the right tools. As a beginner working from home, you shouldn't be limited by your environment. You want to come into your workspace and be productive without having to close the blinds or worry about sound.

5. Get important tasks done in solitude

We actually find working from home to be more productive than an office. For one thing, we can get more done without distracting other people from our work. And in an office environment, you have to listen to everything someone else says and read their copy as you task them, even if it isn't relevant to your work. At home, you focus on what you're doing and ignore everything else.

6. Track your time

We think people underestimate the benefits of time tracking — the ability to make better decisions, see how long things take, and begin to build better habits. But more than that, it gives you tools to create better time management practices at home — things like stopping yourself from working on activities you don't feel like finishing or delegating tasks that don't set your soul on fire. We start each day with a checklist of things I need to accomplish that day.

7. Mind your food habits

Your lunch should be light and quick. Your lunch should be light and quick. Keep your food choices simple by meal prepping and keeping it light. Even if you're working at home on your computer, you want to keep these basic things in mind so that you can get more done than sitting in front of your computer all day. Even if you're working at home on your computer, you want to keep these basic things in mind so that you can get more done than sitting in front of your computer all day.

8. Remember to take breaks

It's not easy to juggle so many obligations and commitments when you work from home. A good habit to get into is taking five- ten-minute breaks during the day, even if you feel like you're just burning through your potential. This can be hard for some people to do since they fear they won't have time to properly otherwise. But taking breaks can allow you.

Let's get sh*t done, together

Starting an online business is hard work. With just a little bit of effort and determination, however, it can be rewarding. If you're passionate about starting an online business and have the talent and drive to succeed, it's possible. In addition to this entrepreneurial mindset guide, we've created a complete directory of recommended books to help you succeed when the going gets tough. Take the FREE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET 101 GUIDE BUNDLE.

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