DIY Website Audit for E-commerce Stores

DIY Website Audit for E-commerce Stores

👋🏽 Sanjay and Natasha here, have you ever done an audit on yourself, or your business? Audits are crucial to getting a snapshot of where you stand currently, and gives you an opportunity to see things BEFORE it gets too late.

How to DIY an E-Commerce Website Audit 

Here are things you want to look out for when doing a website audit for your own e-commerce store.

Go through your entire site (like ALL Pages, Products & Blog Posts) and keep on the lookout for any MISTAKES for these 3 major things:

  1. Grammar: these are crucial and can instantly turn off a potential customer (Pro Hustl Tip: if you're not the best at grammar, use an app Grammarly)
  2. Links: this is tedious but while checking grammar, simply check all the buttons as you go along (Pro Hustl Tip: right-click & view in a new tab, that way you keep your spot on the page)
  3. Images: are they still reflective to your brand, now? (Pro Hustl Tip: use Canva or Shopify's Burst for free stock images)

Does all this sound daunting? Is your own time worth more than doing this yourself (I mean hey, you got a business to build!)...

Book us to do your Website Audit (save yourself the trouble) 😉

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