How to create a Instagram Giveaway Contest with Winner Generator

Hustl Works — Creating an Instagram Giveaway Contest with Winner Generator — Toronto, Canada
One of the most engaging content strategies on Instagram are… you guessed it — contests and giveaways!

People LOVE free stuff

People provide their emails (and other personal information) for contests ALL THE TIME. So why wouldn’t you want to incorporate this strategy for your business too? Let’s show you how to do this and get sh*t done.

Choosing your Giveaway Prize

To start off, you’re going to want to know what you’re even giving away as a prize. It could be a good (product) or service, but just make sure that this is something you can promote as a way to show value of what your business provides.

Some questions to keep in mind:

  • Do you know what your customers like?
  • What can you offer that’s intriguing?
  • What locations is your contest open to (and do you need to ship it)?

    Once you’re confident that your giveaway is worth it and will attract a lot of engagement, you’re ready to create your post.

    Creating Your Contest Post

    In order to host the contest on your Instagram, you’ll need to:

    1. Create the media (the actual photo/video you’ll be posting)

    2. Create the caption (listing the prize, instructions for how to enter and the contest deadline)

    To get the most out of an Instagram Giveaway Contest, you essentially want to engage people to do the following:

    • Follow you
    • Like your post
    • Comment and tag a friend
    • Bonus: Share your post

      But wait, do likes even matter? As you may already know, Instagram made the likes hidden so the advantage of showing the amount* of likes isn’t as beneficial. However this does not mean that likes aren’t important! Ever find yourself scrolling through the “Explore” page on Instagram? Instagram will use algorithms to predict what you would like to see based off 1) the content you personally engage with & 2) the content your community (ie. the people that you follow) engages with. So what you like, and what the people you follow like, will most likely show up in explore. Hence why likes are still important in the grand scheme of things.

      Once you confirm how you want people to engage in your contest, go ahead and create it. We suggest using a program like Canva as they have a bunch of pre-made templates that you can use.

      Choosing a Winner with Giveawation

      Giveawation is not the most robust option out there, however it is FREE (there are other options, you just have to pay for them). They used to be really good and include a check to see if people who engaged with the contest post actually did follow and like the post, however due to Instagram’s ever-changing API restrictions, they took away some features. What it can do is check if someone comments and tags a friend, which is the kind of engagement you REALLY want anyhow.

      When your contest is done and you’re ready to choose a winner…

      1. Go to:
      2. Click on “Choose the Winner”
      3. Click on the “Authorize with Instagram” button to sign into your Instagram account (the one you’re using to create the contest) and click on authorize
      4. Choose the post (aka “media”) that you used
      5. Check the boxes for what you want to ensure the potential winner did (ie. “Comment this media”, “Tag friends under this media“ & whether you want 1 winner or more)
      6. Click “Continue” and “Hold a Drawing”

        Pro Hustl tip: Follow Up with Leads

        You may only choose 1 winner, BUT now you have a lot of wins for your business:

        • Leads you can follow-up with

        • Awareness for your business

        • Larger community to engage with

        The biggest takeaway that a lot of businesses don’t even think about, or take action on, is following up with all the people that entered (and interacted with) your contest. You already know they’re interested in what you have to offer, so take advantage of that!

        Write a thank-you follow-up that you can DM each participant, including how they can further engage with you by including a link for them to subscribe to your mailing list, or maybe even a freebie or discount.

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