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If you're researching tips on how to function with your partner while running a  business at the same time — guess what, you're in the right place. After almost 2 years of dating each other AND being business partners "at the same damn time", it's been quite the journey. We've certainly learned some key facts this past year in 2020 that has helped us strengthen our partnership even more. 

Once you start a business as a couple, you're pretty much now husband and wife

With so many cool and exciting things that come with building a business, many people won't even consider doing it with their spouse. We get praises and "good for you" comments allllll the time because it's not that common. But that doesn't mean it can't be done and we've even seen couples in our own groups start businesses too! 🤗 Yes black excellence ★

Let's just say when you have a solid friendship with your spouse, it all kind of works itself out, but with that being said nothing has been all daisies and smiles. We've had to have hard business conversations where we had to "TRY" and separate our personal feelings. Whew, let us tell you that this is not an easy task but as we said before, having a solid friendship foundation made getting over some of the hurdles a little easier. One of the major things we did was set rules around us as business partners that if we find ourselves getting heated over the business, we take a breath and talk it through as we do in a relationship setting. 

We've once tried stopping in a middle of an argument, taking a breathe and laid on the floor holding hands (we heard it on a podcast, and had to laugh because it was funny 😂 —definitely not a practical thing to do aha)

Co-Founders of Hustl Works — Sanjay & Natasha — Power Couple


How we validated our business idea

Okay, to be honest, we had a lot of validation before even started discussing building an online ecommerce business together — we both received a lot of questions around how we both managed to build an online business on our own in the past. We also had to validate other levels like:

  • Asked family and friends what their pain points were
  • Used Facebook groups to ask questions around the business idea
  • Researched similar businesses to see what makes ours unique
  • Studied Google Trends to see what people were looking for 

How we manage our emotions in public business settings

We're not going to lie to you and say that we have never gotten a little heated in business, out in publicWe are not perfect by any means. 

We once went to a conference together and got upset then walked away without a proper kiss goodbye. Not long after we literally, "kissed and made up"

The good part of this is that we always had amazing communication which helped us discuss some rules to help us navigate as business partners in a business setting, or even work in the session. 

  • Always wait for the other person to finish their thought, before adding your own (you'll be surprised how effective this can be)
  • Be willing to understand the other person's perspective and open to compromise (you win some, you lose some — choose your battles)
  • Lead with positive intent and go into a situation thinking positively instead of negatively (which may come across as being defensive)

With over 10 years of practice, we've gotten really good at creating various types of small businesses —services, physical products, dropshipping, and digital products. No matter how good we are at building businesses, learning each other  has been such an amazing journey and the greatest gift of it all. We both brought different skills and understanding of making money online by creating a business which is what made all this special, at least to us. 


Things to do to keep the relationship fresh when building a business with your partner

We just want to say...

never forget to date each other 👆🏽

Here are a couple of tips we use to keep our relationship fresh and also a great way to get away from screen time:

  • Play boardgames and/or card games (we're attracted to each other's intellect so this is one of our ways we flirt - foreplay 😈) 
  • Go for a long walk together (keep your phones in your pocket, and just talk about life)
  • Although it's COVID and travel is limited*, if you can, take an Out of Town (OT) or Out of Country (OC) trip — like a mental retreat

How we stay on task

Staying on task is always a challenge but this especially true when you're in a relationship with each other, and your business. You sometimes just want to "Netflix and Chill", but you can still have those moments if you literally schedule almost everything so it functions automatically and you can still get sh*t done, together!

What has worked for us (mostly with apps already on our iPhones):

  • Shared Calendar (so we both know when we have business or family events)
  • Shared Notes (kinda like our drafts)
  • Asana (for our business projects and bigger tasks)
  • Reminders (anything that comes to mind, Siri adds it for us and reminds us later)
  • Daily work cutoff time (we use boundaries so we don't become workaholics and make sure to always give time to our relationship, not just business)

If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are ready to start your own entrepreneurial journey. Check out one of our courses to build your business and get sh*t done, together!

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