Business Partner & Couple Goals — Year 1 (2019-2020)

Hustl Works — Business Partner & Couple Goals — Year 1 (2019-2020) — Toronto, Canada
Well, let’s start by saying “Happy New Year” — 2020! 🥳

Where do we start… do we dive right in and tell y’all about how our first year of being business partners, while trying to accomplish our own sense of couple goals, went? 

Well, there has been a lot of highs and lows on our one year journey. Ever heard the saying “don’t mix business with pleasure”. WELP! *Deon Cole voice*, we’ve heard it before but 2019 takes the cake for how many times we’ve had to hear it. Either way, we said to each other “let’s get sh*t done, together and don’t worry about what everyone else is saying because we know that as a couple we can endure this.“ LOL to ourselves one year ago. 😂

After the official launch of our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for our site, we started to speak with potential clients that aligned with our mission and vision. This meant attending in-person meetings and having phone meetings together. Keep in mind we both have to know how to conduct ourselves individually during each meeting, but this also served as the first time we would see each other in this type of (business) setting. Cakewalk right? Well no, lol — we're kidding. We were both amazed at how well we were able to feed off each other's energy; it was truly incredible. We drove home from our meeting at Yorkdale Mall, both filled with excitement and couldn't believe that we were so in sync. So what the heck was everyone talking about with the whole "don’t mix business with pleasure” statement? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️

Smooth sailing instantly stopped when it came down to scheduling and content development. Safe to say the honeymoon phase was over (lol). Because we also work our 9-5 — which fuels our side hustles — it was hard for us to come home and just solely focus on creating content for Hustl Works. We found ourselves sitting down sipping and twirling wine while discussing our day 🍷. Doesn’t seem all that productive now does it? You're correct, it's not. Especially when you add in kids!

Our schedules didn’t often align. Either events came up, our other businesses took precedent, or there were stressful 9-5 work nights that made you just want to relax. This is all while trying to strengthen our relationship (during which half way during the business we ALMOST broke up 🤭). All could have been lost in the simple matter of being 2 humans trying to cohabitate. 

But we worked hard, and worked together. We put differences aside and focused on what made us strong as a couple — this is what made us better business partners. One thing we both know how to do well, is solve a problem! We made a joint calendar and started adding “business dates” so that we could a set out time to work on our business (evenings, past the kids’ bedtime - have to work in family time too) 🗓. We created a content creation and posting schedule that worked for the both of us. This is how we’ve been operating for the last 6 months when we got serious about where the business was going and our “plan of attack” for growth. 

Will things get harder along the way? Probably. But something worth having never comes easy, and we’re here for the ride 🚘.

Let’s get sh*t done!