Business Partner & Couple Goals: Mid-Year Check-In 2021

Business Partner & Couple Goals: Mid-Year Check-In 2021

So wow, half-way through 2021 already and we’re here! Like honestly, what a blessing to have your health and your circle. Your close circle of people are quite important (especially to an entrepreneur). But when sh*t hits the fan, those are the people you call. And one of the best things you can do for yourself is align yourself with the right groups of friends, and partner.

Partnership looks a little different these days, wit’s support really being at the forefront. 

Here’s what our year is looking like so far:

  • Nat finally quit her full-time  🎉 
  • Got a tenant (shoutout being a homeowner)
  • Nat did a few curly hair workshops
  • School for the kids is done (and summer camp starts, they deserve it)
  • Photo shoot for our podcast (launching suuuuuper soon so be on the lookout & subscribe to be notified)
  • More workshops done for the youth with BizStart, and now BGC 👏🏽 (we taught target market, social media & S.M.A.R.T. goals)
  • One night couple retreat (Komoka) which was soooooo needed

One of the main things we’ve been focusing on lately, is communication and self-care.

With communication, we’ve been more intentional, like talking about “what does tomorrow look like for you?” at the end of the night. This helps us to avoid schedule conflicts (although we're pretty diligent using our phone calendars), plus a heads up on what the other might be up against (a calm day or one that might be more stressful).

As for self-care, health is wealth. It’s been a loooooong summer so far and there have been no shortage of unexpected situations. However we're here to tell you...

Burnout is real, and mental health is important.

With this being said, we both made a pledge to put our self-care 1st and a few of those things include:

  • Starting the morning with a ~20min walk/jog
  • Meditating for 5mins (if you’re an Apple-person, the AppleWatch is great for this when using the Breathe app 👌🏽
  • Eating to fuel all this brain power 🧠 lol
  • Most importantly, getting a good night’s rest 💤 

Always make sure to take care of yourself daily (like implementing one of our favourite books, Atomic Habits).

You got this!

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