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ūüĎčūüŹĺ Sanjay here. Starting a¬†side hustle¬†or personal online¬†business¬†can be an exciting and profitable endeavour. However, if you make some common¬†mistakes, your¬†side hustle¬†or business will fail before it even has a chance to succeed.¬†

The following are several common mistakes to avoid when starting a side hustle or personal business: 

Starting too small: One of the biggest mistakes that side hustlers and businesses make is starting small. There is a temptation to start a side hustle or personal business on the cheap. If you have limited capital, it can seem like a better idea to open a smaller store or restaurant that only operates during the day. However, these types of side hustles and personal online businesses can be hard to maintain and will never achieve the same level of success as businesses that operate twenty-four hours a day. The best way to ensure long-term success is to start big from day one. 

Startup costs: In addition to deciding how big your side hustle or a personal online business should be, you also need to decide how much it should cost you. Starting a new side hustle or personal online business is expensive, and it can be tempting to start small to minimize your startup costs. However, this should not be done at the expense of profitability. The best way to reduce startup costs is through careful planning and smart management throughout your first year of operation. 

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Expanding too quickly: While your business needs to expand quickly, you need

Starting a side hustle or online business takes courage, determination, and creativity. However, if you are serious about running your own company, there are certain things you should avoid. 

Side hustles and businesses are started every day. But, because of the mistakes that can be made along the way, so are failures. Therefore, it is important to understand the common pitfalls to help you avoid them when starting your own personal business.  

Learn from the mistakes of others by recognizing the following common mistakes to avoid when starting a side hustle or personal online business: 

  1. Underestimating startup costs, It is easy to underestimate the costs that go into starting a successful business. You need to plan for contingencies in case you need more capital than you thought you would need. 
  2. Not setting realistic growth expectations When you start a new business, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of what you hope your company will become someday. As a result, you may set an aggressive growth plan for yourself or your company that does not allow enough time for success. Always base your expectations on reasonable potential and growth rates to avoid disappointment down the road. 
  3. Not asking for help when needed many entrepreneurs that start their own businesses do so without seeking out.

Skipping market research, underestimating your competition, and not doing enough planning are just some of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting a business. Here are other common entrepreneur mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Failing to take into account the financial cost of starting up your business.¬†Yes, many successful side hustles and online businesses have indeed been started with little money. However, if you don't ensure that you have enough funds to last through the first year, there's no point in starting your business. It's far better to carry out thorough market research and make sure you can afford to pay for premises and equipment before you begin.¬†
  • Paying too much attention to your competitors.¬†While you must understand what your competitors are doing, please don't lose sight of the bigger picture by focusing too heavily on what they're doing instead of thinking about how to differentiate yourself from them. By all means, please keep track of what they're doing, but only use this information as a basis for considering how your product or service can be better than theirs.¬†
  • Failing to ask for help.¬†Don't be afraid to seek advice from those who have experience in running businesses. If it's appropriate, talk to other entrepreneurs who are now running successful businesses about their
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A successful side hustle and or online businesses are not built by one single person alone. Surround yourself with subject matter experts and mentors you can lean on and learn from. Although there are several startup mistakes you will want to avoid while building your own THING.

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