3 Ways Well-being Apps Can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Stress is a real and serious issue facing entrepreneurs. It can paralyze us into inaction and make us quit on our dreams. But there are ways to fight back against stress and stay inspired in your work. While creating an "edge" from your work can help boost productivity (and earn you a promotion or two).

If you're like us, you have a pretty bad habit of procrastinating on things that matter. It'sIt's not just a matter of not putting in the effort (though that's a major part of it). There'sThere's an element of choosing not to because of an internal debate over whether it's worth it or not. There'sThere's also a huge element; if only I had the opportunity... If you're anything like me, you get tired of both excuses and thoughts that keep you from taking action — and that's where Mindfulness Apps come in.

The apps below will help you get over the hump. They will help you focus on what you want to do in life and help you get there. Life is too short to spend it feeling restless and uninspired. So here are 4-ways wellbeing apps can improve your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Headspace
  2. Calm
  3. Smiling Mind
  4. The Mindfulness App

Exercise your mind

If you want to feel like you're working out harder and smarter, the best way to do it is to combine a workout app with a mental exercise. It doesn't matter if you're exercising at home or in front of the mirror; having a notebook or an app on your phone can make it much easier to jot down ideas, take breaks, write things down, etc. That way, you're not just repeating what you've already been doing but also making small improvements each day that can build up over time and make a bigger difference in your overall health.

Exercising is one of the best things you can do for your mental wellness. Exercise can improve your focus, concentration, and memory. It can lower blood pressure and stress levels and make people smarter and more productive. It should be easy to do and fun, but it is more important to integrate it into a daily workout routine. One way is by making use of apps like Apple Activities App. The app provides users with a smartwatch with sensors that are triggered by different movements such as walking or jogging. When used this way, the smartwatch can help users reach new personal bests in various running activities while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Imagine that you are in control of your health. You can pick which exercises you do and when. This way, your health becomes more self-driven, and motivation is built from within rather than outside influence. For example, try doing a 7-Minute Workout if you "have no time." "These burst type of workouts provides an easy way for you to work out without stress or guilt because the exercises are chosen for their intrinsic value — not just how hard they are. This helps to improve exercise and improves your mental health as you become more aware of the present moment and how any distraction diminishes your ability to perform at your best.

Start Meditating 

If stress has you feeling as if life is on hold, then it's time to give regular meditation a try. The truth is that everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. The concentrated anxiety that comes with a panic attack can be debilitating, even deadly. When treated improperly, particularly during a channeled form of meditation, anxiety can become chronic and debilitating. However, with regular practice and awareness, you can overcome your fears and live happier lives.

There are two primary types of meditation: focused breathing and relaxation. Focused breathing is usually associated with peaceful, focused mental states. At the same time, relaxation is more general and can be more enjoyable, especially when it comes to stress relief. Both are integral parts of good brain health. But which one should you choose? Why? Well, that all depends on your unique situation and preferences. 

To be successful, you have to relax and focus during stressful times. One of the best ways to do this is by Meditating. There are many benefits to regular meditation; it helps to improve focus, memory, relaxation, and stress relief. The first thing you need to do to get started is to decide what type of meditation you will do. Different styles have different focuses. EX. Traditional Prayers focus on being thankful for what you have and developing habits to help you with daily living. Stress management focuses on reducing anxiety and tension with breathing techniques and relaxing techniques — and Flow practices focus on having fun and enjoyment in life by practicing calmness in all situations.

Improving sleep habits

There are two main uses for mindfulness apps: improving sleep and calming the mind before or after a stressful event. So it's no surprise that mindfulness has become increasingly popular among app users. Research shows that experienced users spend more time in meditation and yoga classes than they did a year ago and more than twice as likely as non-users to use apps designed to support meditation or reduce anxiety. Several recent studies have also found that frequent users of meditation apps are more likely to develop positive mental health traits such as mindfulness.

If stress has affected your sleep patterns, it's time for an evaluation. First, look for stress-relieving apps that can help with balance and relaxation. You may also want to learn ways to improve your self-awareness – becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings during the day can help reduce stress and improve restful sleep. 

Sleep is one of the essential natural sounds we hear. It helps us recuperate from the day's events and regroup for the next. We all want to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but most of us can never give that performance. What if an app could give you that 7-8 hour stretch? Sleep Levelling would help you track your sleep habits and provide insights into when you were sleeping well enough to benefit from it and what tips can help get you there.


Though apps can't get you where you want to be by themselves, they're indispensable tools for turning your goals into realities. 

Negativity can sabotage your plans and goals, something a professional team effort needs to overcome. Even small actions can boost positivity. Visit our guides ASPIRING ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET 101 GUIDE BUNDLE to learn how to increase positivity in your company. Check out our tools to learn how to register your side-hustle.


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