DIY Website Audit for eCommerce Stores

DIY Website Audit for eCommerce Stores

👋🏽 Sanjay and Natasha here, have you ever done an audit on yourself, or your business? Audits are crucial to getting a snapshot of where you stand currently, and gives you an opportunity to see things BEFORE it gets too late.

How to DIY an eCommerce Website Audit 

Here are things you want to look out for when doing a website audit for your own eCommerce store.

Go through your entire site (like ALL Pages, Products & Blog Posts) and keep on the lookout for any MISTAKES for these 3 major things:

  1. Grammar: these are crucial and can instantly turn off a potential customer (Pro Hustl Tip: if you're not the best at grammar, use an app Grammarly)
  2. Links: this is tedious but while checking grammar, simply check all the buttons as you go along (Pro Hustl Tip: right-click & view in a new tab, that way you keep your spot on the page)
  3. Images: are they still reflective to your brand, now? (Pro Hustl Tip: use Canva or Shopify's Burst for free stock images)

Does all this sound daunting? Is your own time worth more than doing this yourself (I mean hey, you got a business to build!)...

Book us to do your Website Audit (save yourself the trouble) 😉

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