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You’ve been hustl’ing and putting forth your best work, promoting your business on all your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) and networking like a hustl’r. Why aren’t the results rolling in?

It can be discouraging when nothing seems to be working on your entrepreneurial journey. Doubt can start to creep in; making you feel like you don't have what it takes to make your passion into your daily hustl. This can also be considered “Imposter Syndrome”. Whenever you feel yourself start to slip into a slump, hit the energy recharge button and practice self-care. Being positive seems like a superpower when there are so many Wantrepreneurs nowadays. Harnessing your positivity will be your greatest weapon against doubt. 

We have 4 key things to boost your positivity and get your passion kick-started. Make sure that you have fun with our productive suggestions, time will fly by when you start implementing these strategies. 


Try these steps to boost your positive moral:

  1. Connect with a/your mentor

    Having a mentor is a MAJOR KEY (DJ Khaled voice) to success from our experience. Mentors are guides to help you navigate the entrepreneurial journey. They push you to stay on track and to give 150% all the time to ensure your side hustl becomes your main hustl. Mentors tend to provide a good sounding board for all the crazy wacky ideas you may have as an entrepreneur because they look at your business objectively while boosting your hustl moral. Here are a few tips:

      • Learn from their “been there, done that” experience(s)

      • Encouragement while they hold you accountable

      • Opportunities to network = better chances of success

  2. Listen to a Podcast

    Why listen to music on your commute when you listen to someone or something that inspires you? A podcast is an easy way to listen to a topic you're highly interested in and you can learn so much from like-minded individuals. We are fully into listening to podcasts on a topic that engages us - for example, Shopify Masters is an amazing podcast where you hear various entrepreneurial journeys. This is a cool and fun way to reignite your passion; you can find any topic you're interested in. People from all different parts of their journey share their secrets to their success for FREE. Start listening now and hear what worked for others and see what you could apply to your hustl. 


  3. Take a micro vacay

    Being an entrepreneur means you’re wearing many hats which can make it hard for you to disconnect and get some well deserved R&R. Taking a vacay can be vital for keeping your ideas fresh and to recharge your body and mind so you can be the best entrepreneur for your business! There are a variety of hacks and ways to ensure you take that well-deserved vacay to happen: 

      • Coordinate with your clients in advance

      • Automate e-mails & social media posts

      • Delegate work (if you have a business partner)

      • Coordinate with colleagues


  4. Get 3 hobbies for creativity, health & money

In true entrepreneur fashion, it’s great to keep yourself busy (keep your mind distracted) in a good way! If you can find 3 hobbies that attribute to your (1) creativity, (2) health & (3) money, you are well on your way to a long happy and healthy life. For example, your hobbies could be: (1) writing poetry, (2) working out at the gym, and (3) running your own business.

hust works - Boost your entrepreneurial positivity and productivity

It’s always a challenge to disconnect, and that’s why we really try to make it a point to take a (mini) vacation every quarter - this could be an actual vacation or even just a staycation! We definitely came to realize how important it is to take a break to reset your mind quickly. When you return from a long or short vacation your health is better: you’re motivated, your entrepreneur performance is through the roof and more efficient, plus your perspective is on fleek. “Life is a marathon” and no matter how resilient you may be, a little R&R can always be beneficial for performance enhancement

Start practicing self-care so you can enjoy your entrepreneurial journey. Let us know how our suggestions work out for you. We are confident that these productive activities will boost your positivity and keep you excited while you build your side hustl. 


Let's get sh*t done!